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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Jan 2013
    I don't go into this thread much but I was really encouraged by some of your good news. To the beautiful ladies still trying - it will happen to us

    Update: My first IVF cycle begins on Tuesday. Excited and Nervous. Bring on the hormones!! Arghh!

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    @milenaviolet, good luck with the IVF!

    @blade, do you mean that it really is now or never? If you don't get pregnant by August, you won't have any more? That would be so much pressure! Have another drink. I'm sorry about your negative.

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    @blade, here's a belly bump for next month.

    @milenaviolet, best of luck, let me know if you've got any questions as I'm an IVF veteran.
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    @alzora-- I go back to the hospital full time in June 2014, so the latest I could have a baby is early May 2014. I'm not doing active clinical work with a newborn again, no way. It's pressure, but it's entirely self-imposed, and I have such a wonderful little son I'm happy.
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    Milenaviolet, I hope your IVF goes well! Fingers crossed and happy thoughts

    Nightowl, mazel tov!
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