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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Hi, namenut! Wow, 18 months. :/ I'm sorry to hear it's such a frustrating process for you. If your doctors are saying that everything is healthy, I see no reason why you shouldn't keep hoping! I'm feeling pretty optimistic about 2013 for all of us. Keep us posted.

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    Welcome violetink1231 and namenut! I can't imagine how I would feel if I were still trying a year from now. It must be very discouraging. I am currently in my 2ww and very excited to test on the 14th if I can last that long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megmarie View Post

    Ok, I have been holding off on this question cause it's a little awkward for me but here goes...does anyone's SO freak themselves out during baby making week and have a hard time, um, performing? I have had this issue for the last two months now. Not really sure what to do! I didn't even tell him i was ovulating this time but he says he just knew. I am trying not to stress out about it but I am! I make it so it isn't a big deal and I don't make sex a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type of deal. I try to keep it fun and NORMAL with no pressure. I just don't know what to do. Thoughts? Advice?
    I get it... the first time around, after 3 years of trying I started noticing that my husband planned to be out of town during the Ovualtion cycles if they were on weekends... or he'd promise to be home, and then magically have something come up. After months of this we had a "come to Jesus" meeting and I let it all go. He came around a few months later, and we conceived our son after Surgery for Endometriosis. (so I get the family problems too!)
    This time around, we knew what we had to do... but it seemed like his busiest weeks at work (holidays, etc) every ovulation time. So he was exhausted. I know that we didn't "perform" as often as we should have. I tried scheduling every 36-48 hours... but sometimes we both were just so tired. Him from a physically demanding job with long hours, and me from my 8-5 job and our son.

    Eventually it all worked out. But some times you just have to walk away until he's ready to pick up the ball. Good luck.
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    Thanks @poppy528, @violetink1231, and @grecianern for the advice!

    @grecianern, what you said is very interesting! We had a little talk last month and I just assured him that I dont want to pressure him; if he is not ready then that means WE are not ready and that is more than ok. I was worried that he wanted it because I do but he talks about it as much if not more than me (in a good way.) He just keeps randomly telling me, "I want the babies" lol. It is cute.

    I have tried not to talk about anything baby related with him because I think he over analyzes. The only bad thing is that he can tell when I don't feel well and since it is the Clomid that is making me feel sick, he knows and puts more pressure on himself.

    It is this weird cycle that we can't get out of!!!
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    Well AF arrived this morning saying loud and clear I'm not pregnant this cycle. Oh dear me, sadness is here this morning but it should pass soon (hopefully) and here is to this next cycle... Praying for BFPs for us all ladies soon!
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