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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    grecianern Guest
    Welcome @tvland and good luck! As someone dealing with endometriosis causing infertility, I hope everything works out great for you!!!

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    Jan 2013
    Hi all,
    My husband and I are also TTC this year. I'm 27 and he is 28. We began this journey two and a half years ago only a few months after we got married. Initially I was super excited as no one in my family has a a history of infertility so I assumed it would be easy for me. We went to a Dr 6 months after trying and still no BFP.
    I am so happy I didn't wait longer to seek help as they took blood tests and ultrasounds and confirmed I have PCOS. Now that I know the symptoms of PCOS I should've seen the warning signs years ago.
    My Dr put me on Clomid however I didn't respond. The next cycle we went straight to injectible FSH which I respond to even though it takes a while. In 2012 we went through 4 cycles of assisted ovulation with IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). All no luck
    Last week I had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and dye through my tubes. The good news is that there a no signs of Endometriosis. The bad news is that I found out that both my tubes are blocked.
    Next week I will know whether it's surgery to unblock the tubes or straight to IVF. I really don't know how I feel about either. What I do know is that I'll never lose hope and I'm still praying for a baby for 2013
    Thanks to everyone that has shared their stories. Helps to know there are others dealing with infertility as well.

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    @Grecianern, any luck yet? When does your two-week wait end? Thank you for your support (and @stuffd). I'm back to wanting a baby more than anything, and quite obsessive about it. But at the same time, I know that when or if I conceive, I will have to face all those feelings of fear again. But I don't want to let my fears stand in the way of my dreams.

    @megmarie, here's hoping for next week for you. Any symptoms yet?

    Welcome, Sarahmezz, tvland, and milenaviolet! @Milenaviolet, that sounds kind of scary, but I'm optimistic for you. Keep us posted!

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    grecianern Guest
    @Alzora - no news is good news yet. AF isn't due until Tuesday, Feb 5th... so it's still a long waiting game. My temp has been running a little high - about a full degree above normal. But I'm not getting my hopes up since my last cycle was so crazy. I tested positive on my wandfo ovulation tests 4 days earlier than normal, but then my temp didn't spike until the normal day. So this whole cycle may have been a bust. Just going about planning for the next round. Per usual.

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    @alzora, yay! I am happy that you're back on the baby train Good for you for working to overcome your fears and not let them keep you down.

    I AM feeling symptoms. It is actually quite weird...I got a positive on my ovulation test strip on day 14 of my cycle and when I went to the doctor she said to keep peeing on the strips daily for at least another week just to track this month. So then, on day 22 I got another positive and have now had positive OPK's for three days straight. Which I think is super crazy so I Googled it and I am either pregnant or I am ovulating super late in the month. (Plus my doctor called with some test results and I asked her opinion and she was unsure too) But either is definitely possible. I do feel icky and exhausted... Sunday I slept THIRTEEN hours! The most I ever sleep is 9-10 ever so that is a bit out of the ordinary and a little coincidental to me. Maybe I am just sick or the meds are affecting me? We will see, I guess.
    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

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