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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Ttc 2013

    I thought I would open a new thread for those of us trying to conceive in 2013! The 2012 thread had lots of good news right up until the end of the year, so I'm not sure how many of us are still trying to conceive. Here's hoping we can all receive the same good news and start out our year with our own BFPs!

    To give a personal recap, my husband and I have now tried for four months unsuccessfully. We have no children to date. I'll be ovulating around January 6-8, and am excited to give it another shot! We have no reason to believe that we have any fertility issues, though I did struggle with vaginismus (involuntary muscle contractions that prohibit vaginal penetration/sex) following a near-fatal car accident and traumatic pelvic/vaginal injuries in 2010. All is well now, and we were able to begin TTC back in September. We're just trying and waiting and praying for a baby. Wishing all the best to those of you who are still trying as well!

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    Great idea to start this thread!!!

    A little about me....

    My husband and I started TTC right away (once married) and it took Over 1 year to get pregnant AFTER seeking fertility help! We were very lucky and got pregnant with our son after only 1 round of CLOMID...

    I have always been irregular and also had a section of my left ovary removed due to a large cyst when I was 21.... Turns out I didnt ovulate... The clmoid fixed that!

    Since my son was born (over 2 years ago) we have used NO form of birth control at all and NOTHING (again)! We took 1 cycle of clmoid in April and NOTHING... we took a break over the summer and have to go back for MORe testing in fall... We are now on a higher dose of the same drug that helped us get preggo with the first so hopefully it works!!!

    I ovulated on the 30/31st December so I am now in my TWW (two week wait)! Im really hoping it sticks!!!!

    Good luck to everyone else trying!
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    My husband and I have been TTC since march of last year. Still no luck, But I was ovulating over the Christmas week so now im in the waiting period.... but with the holidays and tons of people over it was hard to "make it happen" so im a lil discouraged about this month. But still hoping for the best! We will be going for fertility check up come this march. Praying that nothing is wrong....
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    Hi everyone! We will be TTC our first child starting in February. Hoping for a quick positive! Best of luck and happy new year

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    Hello and good luck to all. We just started trying for our fourth child. My husband had a vasectomy about 6 years ago, after we'd been fortunate enough to welcome three babies in a 2.5-year span. We were so exhausted at the time, and he was in graduate school, but we were also very young (he was 26 and I was 24). So much regret have I had over that vasectomy!

    He's had a reversal, after years of deliberation, and we just went off the pill and started trying this month. His sperm count looked excellent at last check. Hopefully everything is in order on my end of things and will remain that way on his end. Should find out in a few days if we were able to make things happen this cycle.

    Lots of symptoms (nausea, breast tenderness), but my mind could certainly be playing tricks on me. Having a very hard time being patient with the wait, since I have wanted to have more kids for what feels like a very long time (he only recently got on board). I am nervous because we haven't ever "tried" to have children; we were so blessed and didn't realize the extent of that blessing.

    Best wishes to everyone.

    Update: BFP this morning, 1/2/13!!!!
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