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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thanks for all the well wishes, I had just made an appointment to go back to my fertility specialist to start the process toward IUI, very glad I am not having to go down that path right now. I am praying that this baby sticks and that all you other ladies get your BFP soon!
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    Congrats @namenut! Wonderful news.

    @grecianurn, I'm so proud of you for accepting what has past and looking to the future. Life is unfair and unpredictable, and we are all defined by how we cope with adversity. You are doing a stand up job.

    @megmarie, my husband and I had the same debate about IVF versus adoption, although our positions were reversed: I wanted to go straight to adoption and he wanted to try IVF. I feel really strongly about adoption - there are so many real children looking for a loving family that it felt selfish to create a new life through IVF. However, my husband didn't want either of us to have any regrets or "what ifs" about missing out on the experience of having a natural child. I was won over to IVF by the realisation that we have a short window to have a natrual child (i.e. I am 36 this year), but have plenty of time to go down the adoption route as my biological clock is not a factor. So, even though we've opted for IVF now, I am still very open to the idea of adoption in the future.
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    Hi. My oh and i are trying for number 2. We already have a girl - Ella. Im In England and love reading some of these posts as names that are popular here are so different to USA ans OZ!! I work in a pre school so trying to come up with names is a nightmare as most names remind me of a child ive taught!! Amelia and Olivia are overused here i feel. I really like Luca and Arlo for a boy and Pearl and Genevieve for a girl. Good luck to you all with your baby making - happy trying ;-)

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    @velvetcrush, thank you for sharing. I guess it makes your BFP all the more special especially for your husband!!!! I do like your outlook on adoption and that is the same conclusion that I am coming to. So many children need a home and love and it would be easy for us to open our arms to them. And, if we do decide to adopt in the near-ish future, I would still have time to change my mind and try IVF in a few years. Who's to say I cannot do both (except maybe my paycheck???)!!! I also think that my husband wants something that will have a high percentage of panning out. He cannot fathom spending tens of thousands of dollars and come away with potentially nothing. I realize that is a very personal decision and I do not think there is a right answer, just the way he feels.
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    i just wanted to let you know that i have a lot of experience with a center called the Pope Paul VI Institute. They treat people with PCOS all the time. Dr. Hilgers (an ob/gyn) who started the Pope Paul VI Institute has many different treatments (some surgical) that can CURE your PCOS. I know it sounds too good to be true, but if you google it and do some research, he might be able to help. You could even call the office and explain your situation. All the treatments are natural and very effective....its worth a shot!

    Regardless, good luck to you and your husband!

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