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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    I know how you feel. My mum was visiting me last month (she lives in another state) and mentioned that my brother and his girlfriend had some news. She hinted they might be pregnant. My heart almost stopped beating! I'm two years older than my brother and have been married for seven months. I'm having the first grandchild! Well, anyway, turned out the news was that my brother's girlfriend had a new job. Thank goodness! I know I would have been devastated if they'd announced a pregnancy.

    Personal update: Next month will be our first cycle TTC! I'm so excited! I know the chances of getting pregnant first go are small, but there's always hope! I feel we have a chance because I've always been very regular. Good luck for everyone else trying in April, too!
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    Velvetcrush,nowakasia,whit32,violetink1231,butterf lykisses and sarah mezz- All of your stories were so helpful. Thank you for sharing. It helps so much to know that this is a normal reaction and not some crazy jealous monster rearing it's ugly head.

    roseymaam- so sorry about this month! Maybe a Christmas or New years baby is in store for you.

    violetink1231- Good luck in your tww! It's cute when husbands get all excited isn't it? It's nice to feel that they want it as much as you do.

    Sarahmezz- Good luck to you! So exciting to finally start trying. I have met tons of people who got pregnant the first month out! Here hoping this your lucky month!
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    Quote Originally Posted by velvetcrush View Post
    @violetindigo I completely feel your pain. When my sister told me she was pregnant with her first baby (thankfully over email) I started crying. My brother, who is 10 years my junior, got his girlfriend (now wife) pregnant literally on their first date and they now have a beautiful little girl. My sister got pregnant a second time during the week of my first IVF and had a baby on what would have been my due date. My sister in law and brother in law also just had a little girl. All of these people are about five years my junior. I have had to put on a lot of brave faces, and have shed a lot of tears and had to swallow a lot of misery. I am happy for them, but sad for me. I totally get what you are going through.
    That was very well put velvetcrush.

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    The other very difficult thing about finally succeeding in our conception journey is that I have a number of friends who are also struggling with infertility, and so breaking the news to them will be very bittersweet and something that I will have to handle with sensitivity and care because I know exactly how conflicted they will feel (in other words, I will not be posting any sonograms on FB). I am happy for me, but sad for them!

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    @velvetcrush That is bittersweet.... But at least you have the other perspective as well so it helps in how you handle it. I think though that if your friends know of your own struggles it might actually be somewhat inspiring for them, you know? Like "she had trouble conceiving but hey it finally worked so maybe it will happen for me too."
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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