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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thank you everyone for the congrats. It's so lovely to be able to share the news - although funny that it is with complete strangers and not friends or family. Of course, now im worrying about my scan in two weeks time. my sister (who I've told) has given me the best advice, though: you don't know what tomorrow holds, but enjoy to the fullest being pregnant today. Sending baby dust and a belly bump to all the other mumberries ttc!

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    Hi ladies. I hope everyone is doing well.

    I need to vent a little. I feel like I'm such crappy person right now. Yesterday I found out my sister in law is expecting and my initial reaction was less than enthused to say the least. This reaction was really out of left field for me. I have never reacted this way to pregnancy news. Usually I am very excited for the couple and I automatically start wondering what kind of names they will pick. Honestly, the potential names excite me more than the actual baby, but I am always happy for them all the same. But yesterday when I heard she was expecting, my heart started pounding really fast and my chest kind of seized a little. I wanted to cry and I was just angry. I am so ashamed of my reaction, considering we have not been trying that long at all. I think it's that they are much younger than us and they have been married for less than a year. I guess I just assumed they would want to be married for a while before having kids so the news was completely out of left field for me. I just figured we would be the next couple in the family to have children. Anyway, I have completely reigned in my reaction and I am now excited for a new niece or nephew. I guess I just hope this TTC thing doesn't turn me into a jealous shrew. That is not who I want to be and I am just super ashamed of my reaction and I needed to out myself to other people that might understand. Thanks for reading!

    Congratulations again Velvetcrush!! I am so happy for you. In light of the above rant I must add that this jealousy thing has never extended itself to kind internet strangers. I am genuinely happy when I read that any of you ladies get BFP's!
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    @violetindigo I completely feel your pain. When my sister told me she was pregnant with her first baby (thankfully over email) I started crying. My brother, who is 10 years my junior, got his girlfriend (now wife) pregnant literally on their first date and they now have a beautiful little girl. My sister got pregnant a second time during the week of my first IVF and had a baby on what would have been my due date. My sister in law and brother in law also just had a little girl. All of these people are about five years my junior. I have had to put on a lot of brave faces, and have shed a lot of tears and had to swallow a lot of misery. I am happy for them, but sad for me. I totally get what you are going through.

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    Thank you for that velvetcrush. I can't imagine... I like how you put it, "I am happy for them and sad for me." I had a minor meltdown, but I am over it and I think (hope) that all baby news from here on out will be fine. The initial reaction was just so visceral and caught me by complete surprise.

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    I'm afraid that's going to be me soon.... As I posted earlier, I have been TTC for about 7 months - not that long but things are made difficult by my crazy irregularity. My younger sister has recently told me that she plans to TTC asap and she's several years younger than me and just got married. She is also very regular and super healthy, so I feel like she will be prego right away, while I keep on trying month after month. I felt less than enthusiastic when she told me and I'm afraid I won't be as happy as I could be once she announces a pregnancy and we're still TTC....
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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