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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Megmarie- I have this issue too. I spot every month for a couple days so I asked my doctor the same question. She said to start your first day as the day you get red heavy flow. It's so confusing though isn't it? I am actually in a similar situation atm. I am on calendar day 35 and I am still spotting but no "real" AF. My period last month started on the 13th and now here it is the 20th and no real period. Soo frustrating!
    ****I just saw velvet crushes answer. Lol. Now I am really confused. I have been calculating my first day from when I get red blood. Hmm now I am worried I have been doing it wrong, but I know that's what my doctor said. Does anyone else have any input on this? Any extra opinions would be great because I would like to know now as well.

    Congratulations skarbasoona! Wonderful news! Hope you have a fabulous pregnancy!

    Velvetcrush- WOW! It sounds like you have been through A LOT! I am so happy you got a bfp after all of your struggles. Good luck and keep us posted!
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    @megmarie your physician should be timing the clomid with your menstrual cycle (typically it is given from Day 5- Day 10). Which day is s/he using to calculate?

    Also a very well-known, physiologic side effect of Clomid is abnormal uterine bleeding. It results in a lot of unopposed estrogen which will increase your endometrial growth and subsequent shedding (i.e. your period).
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    @blade, my doctor wants me to take Clomid on days 3-7. She says that she has seen good results for these days, as well as days 5-9. I just don't know what day will be day three? Do I start counting on the first day of spotting, the day that I spotted and started the real period right before bed, or the first full blown day?

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    Blade- What about normal menstral flow without clomid? Should it be counted as the day of spotting (brown) or the day of red flow. This could mean I have been calculating wrong for a very long time.

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    I have calcualted my ovulation by starting with the first day of heavy flow.I spotted for 3 days as well this month! So I wasn't.sure when to start my cycle day either. But I generally ovulate day 16 and starting from the day I had the heavy flow I'm right on track. So I'm assuming its the day you start needing a tampon if you get my drift! lol. But I would love a more accurate answer then my guesses! Thanks for asking the question!
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