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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Congratulations, skarbassoona! You'll have a little baby for the holidays!

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    Congratulations, skarbassoona! Awesome news.
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    It has been really inspirational to read everyone’s stories.

    My DH and I have been trying to conceive for about 5.5 years, all made more difficult by the fact that my younger siblings are merrily creating babies. Ours is unexplained infertility, but I do have mild endo, PCOS and time is not on my side as I’m turning 36 this year. About two years ago I had a lap and dye for the PCOS, but I literally got a job offer the same day and so we stopped trying during my three month conception "window" as that was exactly my notice period at work.

    Last April we had our first round of IVF (funded by our local council), and transferred one blastocyst and froze two more, which resulted in a BFN. I was devastated. Two weeks later my 3.5 year old dog was diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, and so I was very distracted by his health over the summer (he died in September). We transferred the two frozen blastocysts sometime in late summer, and again a BFN. This time I didn’t focus on it as much, because I was so busy grieving my dying dog. I know that sounds strange, but I think he was sapping all my maternal instinct so there was nothing left for a theoretical baby.

    At this point, we really didn’t know what next, as IVF is so expensive. In October, my DH heard a rumour from a colleague that our council had just changed its IVF policy and was now funding three rounds of IVF per couple. I got back in touch with our consultant, and was scheduled in to begin IVF again at the beginning of this year. A week before starting, I received another job offer (you couldn’t write this), and contemplated cancelling my cycle but was told by the clinic that not only would I lose my funded cycle, but I would be charged because they had already booked in all my dates. So, I threw caution to the wind, accepted the job (which I start at the end of April) and started the cycle on 31 January.

    This time we choose to transfer two blastocysts and had one left over to freeze. I was told that if successful, I had a 55% chance of twins and a 3% chance of triplets (eek).

    So, my official, clinic-sanctioned HPT is tomorrow morning. I am clearly nervous and excited in equal measure.

    However, I’ve cheated and taken a HPT every morning for the past three days, and each time it has been a BFP!! Obviously, it could be a false positive from the last IVF ovulation injection I took on 3 March, but on Monday the BFP said I was 1-2 weeks and yesterday it said 2-3 weeks, so it looks like the hCG is increasing. I am trying to keep my feet on the ground, but walking with a spring in my step.
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    Wow, velvetcrush, you've been on quite an exhausting journey. But things sound so hopeful!! I truly hope your dream is fulfilled this time. After all you've been through, you most certainly deserve the blessing of a little baby...or two...or three....

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    @velvetcrush Oh my goodness! I truly hope this works out for you! That's quite a story you have here. You must be so excited and unable to believe it as well! Please keep us all posted! Praying for your OFFICIAL BFP!!!
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