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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Good luck, @kate_bev! Let us know how it goes! Welcome to our thread.

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    Thanks for the well wishes everyone!!
    Mama to my little bunny girl (3/2011) and my silly bubble girl (11/13). Baby BOY is coming 9/17!!

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    alzora- This is my second pregnancy (3rd child though, as I have a magnificent stepson), and yes.. We started trying to conceive in July! My husband and I were just starting to talk about seeking help before we got the good news. My daughter came unexpectedly so I did not expect to have difficulty at all this time around. A few things I learned along the way were to avoid using any kind of lubricant (we don't use this a lot but I had no idea it killed sperm!!) and to go "heavy" on the intercourse when you're in your ovulation period and to pull back when you're not ovulating (sorry for the poor terminology, haha). I'm no doctor, but I really think my biggest challenge was how much I was thinking and stressing about it this time! For the past month or so I really tried to put it out of mind as much as I could (even got pretty tipsy at a party..just my luck!) and I like to think that the positivity got me there

    Thanks for starting this thread.. it was such a nice idea, and what an overwhelming response it's had! Good luck to you and keep us posted!

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    I have been pretty quiet on this site, but it's a good time to chime in...

    Husband and I have been actively TTC since October. I have two kids (12 and 11) from a previous marriage. This child will be his first bio child, although of course he considers my guys "his guys", because he's that kind of a guy.

    Hoping this month is the month I get my BFP. I never had to TRY before - now I'm realizing how dang lucky I was. Trying to remain relaxed and positive. I'm under 35 so I'm going to give it some time before looking into fertility counseling? It's all kind of new to me.

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    Yea Katemcnamelover! Hope to join you soon. Welcome kate_bev. I am also still breastfeeding my youngest. He is 14 months and I plan/hope to ween him by June. Just so you know, I got pregnant with #2 and #3 while breastfeeding.
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