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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    I was expecting AF yesterday (usually I am so regular that I know what time of day it will come). Still no positive.
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    Just checking in to see how you ladies are doing...congratulations rosebyanyothername!

    Alzora-- at 4 weeks I had sore boobs and was thirsty all the time. By 6 weeks, exhausted and magnified sense of smell. I didn't get much in the way of nausea or irritability until later (I think I felt too yucky most of the first trimester to be irritable. Same with libido, hard to tell how much was a decrease and how much was "I'd really rather sleep for the next 10 hours!")

    Wishing lots of baby dust to everybody!

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    After 8 months of trying, yesterday I got the positive I've been hoping for! Still super duper early so too early to tell anyone.. feels good to get it out to you Berries though! Wishing all of you the best of luck for healthy and happy pregnancies

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    Congratulations, Kate! Is this your first? I apologize if you've already shared such details. It gets hard to remember so many posters on here! Did you need any professional help to conceive? (I'm asking that because I'm at month 7 and am starting to panic, so it relieves me to see someone conceiving at 8 months.) I wish you a very healthy pregnancy!

    @skarbassoona and lineska, thanks for sharing those details. Gives me hope until AF shows.
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    Hi ladies - I am currently TTC baby #2. I have an 18 month old son. Due to extended breastfeeding, I got my period back in September. I've been trying since then (for the past 5-6 months). Up until January, my cycles were 40-45 days. This last one, however, was only 33. It may be that the vitex I started taking at the beginning of December is starting to regulate things. My little guy is very attached to nursing, especially at night when he is teething. I am hoping that I can still get pregnant, even though he is still going fairly strong. Right now, I am on CD26, so most likely in the TWW.

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