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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @mweath Congrats! That is so exciting and it's wonderful to get happy news on here.

    As for me, I am entering my fertile window so it's time for some quality time with hubby ;-)
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    @mweath - Congratulations!

    Update: I'm 4DPO and waiting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by katieree331 View Post
    @nameweary I've been thinking about Alorza too. I know she had her appointment with the fertility specialist last week, I hope the news was positive for her. Sending good vibes her way.
    Yes! I remember she had her appointment, and she was feeling really down. Maybe she's taking a little break (couldn't we all use that?).

    Alzora, if you're reading this, I'm sending positive internet thoughts your way!!

    Mweath - AMAZING news!!! Here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy! I'll drink a glass of wine to celebrate for you.

    I'm apparently in a wonky cycle myself this month. Ovulated on day 14 last month - today is day 16 and still no smiley face on my pee stick! Probably for the best since I've been too tired to BD anyway Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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    So I'm 9dpo and I feel.... Absolutely nothing. No symptoms of anything at all. I have been taking my bbt, and I have 9 temps that are going progressively higher, but other than that, nothing. Harrumph. I don't know what that means, but I refuse to poas until after 14dpo.
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    @Mweath, I'm so happy to hear that TTC was a quick and painless experience for you! Congratulations! I'm wishing you a healthy and safe pregnancy.

    To those of you who were asking about me, thank you for your concern. Since I am in touch with so many of you outside of Nameberry, many of you knew that I was alive and well but simply taking a break from the forums, and that break is going to continue, but I wanted to drop in and let the rest of you know that I'm okay. Thank you so much for thinking of me and encouraging me. My appointment last week went well, and we have a game plan laid out. Testing will begin after this cycle. The specialist wanted to test my prolactin levels this cycle, but for financial reasons I'm going to wait and do the HSG test first to see if my fallopian tubes are functional because that is my primary concern at this point. I feel bad stepping away from the thread because I want to be available to support you all, but in the interest of self-preservation, I need to pull away. It's been a long year. I wish you all well and would love to see this thread dissolve simply because everyone in it got pregnant. For now I have to bid you all a friendly farewell; I may come back some day, but I can no longer devote so much of my time and attention to something that had become an idol for me. Best wishes to you all. Thank you for being an encouragement during one of the hardest journeys of my life. Your unwavering support has been invaluable. <3
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