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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    I have been told by my fertility specialist that iui will be the next thing they will do for me if we have no luck before April (which is sneaking up really fast!) it is a lot more expensive here in New Zealand, it's going to cost me around $1300 - $1500. I get no funding here because I am "unexplained" infertility. Annoyingly, if they knew why I have been unable to concieve in the last 18 months I would get funding for treatment.
    I have also been using opks, I find this really helpful in that they take the stress out of the "am I ovulating" time of the month. I would really recommend using them. Have also been using preseed but obviously with no luck (so far!)
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    Hi all. No luck for me yet. I have a question for those of you who use opk' s. I decided to just pee on one every day of my cycle this month to see what happens. I was getting confused as to when to stop because I would get a positive line for 4 days in a row. It seemed strange, so this month I just decided to see what a test looks like on every single day of my cycle. I had a long period of positives that I think coincided with ovulation so we did our thing, then it stopped being positive so I assumed I was now in the 2 ww. Well, today, 5 ish days before Af is supposed to be here it said I was ovulating again. Is that possible? I read a little online and it said some women may have an LH surge before a period. Has anyone else experienced this with opk's? I also read that opk' s can pick up pregnancy hormones too. I took a cheapo preg test but it was negative. I'm trying not to get excited.
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    I'm feeling good about this month, you guys! According to the OPK strips, I'm ovulating right now. We did it last night, and hopefully will again tonight. I've got my fingers crossed for all of us!
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    Hi! I've been staying off the forum because last month was particularly discouraging for me. I'm trying to stay positive this month though. I'm getting a little frustrated with my doctors office. I had day 3 labs done last week and was told I'd hear results the following day. When I didn't hear after 3 days I called the office. The nurse and I have been playing phone tag and I was trying to be patient until today when I got a message saying my husband has to get his sperm analysis FIRST. Then we have to make an appointment together to discuss all of the results and discuss "how to proceed the next six months". I wish they would just say either there were some things outside normal range that we need to discuss, or they looked normal and they need to look at my husband rather than make me wait and stress. I'm ovulating this week, so he can't get tested next week because you have to wait 3 days after your last BD. grrrrrrrr

    @alzora I ordered the cheap wondfo opks off amazon so that I could test everyday because I got tired of paying for the test sticks for my clear blue monitor, and I like them

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    Hello everyone! Wow, there's heaps happening on this thread for me to catch up on! I've enjoyed reading all your posts and send my congratulations to those who have announced they're expecting! My husband and I will start TTC from next month onwards so that, if we get pregnant straight away, the baby won't be born until next year (and I'll be able to work until the end of this year). I'm so clucky at the moment and I can't wait to start trying Hopefully things happen quickly.
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