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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by vec1013 View Post
    maggie- Where are you standing this month...I know that AF was due...did she ever show up or were you off and AF isn't due for another week?
    No AF so far, but as my ovulation signs were so wonky, I'm still not sure if I'm late. I took a test on Friday and got a BFN. As I was away for the weekend, I decided not to test again and to try not to think about it. (Kind of hard to do at a 10-year class reunion where I was surrounded by preggo ladies and cute babies!) Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and it might be far enough along that a pregnancy from the second potential ovulation could be detected, so I'll test in the morning hoping for an anniversary surprise. If not, I guess I'll wait until the weekend to test again, assuming AF doesn't arrive first.
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    Good to know Maggie....I am hoping that you get your anniversary surprise!! That would be wonderful. Happy anniversary too btw. I will probably be testing this weekend too if AF doesn't show even though AF not showing isn't exactly a great sign that I am not pregnant since I am so irregular!! Wouldn't it be great if we both got our BFPs this week!!

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    @Sarah I'm so sorry </3

    Update: The IUI was not successful. I talked to the nurse this morning, and it was negative. Coach and I are stepping back from the treatments for a few months. We just need some time to deal. I am going to Dallas this Thursday to hear what the next step will be, but I won't schedule "the next step appointment" until January...if at all.

    We are talking more and more about adoption. I have a feeling that Ortiz baby #2 will be adopted and not biological.

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    Thinking of you Casi...I am so sorry but you will make it through this and whatever happens is what God had planned for you all along!! If adoption is the way to get #2 you are giving a child a loving home that would otherwise not have one!! Lots of love!!

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    I am thinking of you too, Casi. I've already expressed my condolences but I know it hurts. I have such a heart for adoption though, that just seeing the word typed out makes my heart skip a beat. I will pray that you receive *all* of your desires.

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