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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Sep 2013
    Hey... First time posting. I am 8DPO now, and all I can say is the two week wait is horrible!!! It's all I can think about! And I keep testing, so my husband keeps asking, but I have to assure him that it would be negative even if I were pregnant right now. But I can't stop testing early because I'm crazy!!

    Baby dust to all!!

    PS Betty, congrats!! You guys look wonderful and so happy

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    @Bettydogooder, you were a stunning bride! I'm so happy you were able to enjoy such a beautiful day with NO period.

    @Mweath, my cervical mucus is pretty obvious when it's fertile as well. I hope this cycle was it for you and you don't need to get OPKs. But if you do, I recommend the Wondfo brand, which you can find on Amazon for pretty cheap. I waited about 9 cycles before getting them, and I wish I had started sooner because they take SO much guesswork out of the process.

    @Nameweary, welcome to the thread! How long have you been TTC? Will this be your first child? The two-week wait is indeed horrible, but put down those pregnancy tests--you are going to drive yourself crazy! An embryo may not have even implanted yet, and once implantation occurs, it will take a few days for it to register on a pregnancy test, so don't jump the gun. I hope you get a positive in a few days though.

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    Thanks alzora! Just started trying for our second this month. I know its futile to test too early, but all the Amazon reviews of the Wondfo pregnancy tests have people insisting they got a BFP on 6,7,8DPO!! I just keep telling myself that's unlikely for me... For my first, we didn't get a faint line until the day before my period!! That's probably more common.

    What about you??

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    @nameweary, I basically convince myself every month that I should test early...and then when I get a BFN, I just say, "oh, it's too could be a false negative..." and it goes on. Haha. Anyway, good luck and hopefully you can resist for a few more is probably more healthy than analyzing your test to death.

    Anyway, I'm just starting my TWW and really, really hope this month is it. We're planning on moving in like a year, so we might have to take a break if I don't get pregnant soon. But maybe not. We'll see how things go. (I'm not sure I could really take a break, anyway.) Good luck to everyone else here! It's nice to see some new people, but hopefully you don't really have to stay here for too long
    Lucy & Hazel & Nora & Alice & Sophie
    Henry & Rowan & Milo & Oliver & Ezra

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    Melbourne, Australia
    Hi gals,

    Welcome to the newbies you've joined an incredible group of ladies! Hopefully your ttc journey will be short and sweet.

    @betty, you look stunning! And you both look so happy! Congrats to you both

    I'm 6dpo (give or take), and am feeling very anxious this time round. Luckily we were able to BD each day during my fertile window, changing it up from the every other day approach of our last few cycles. I did get a few confusing OPKs but I did get 2 clear positives, hoping that I actually did indeed, ovulate...

    We have our engagement party coming up in a couple of weeks and at least if I'm not up the duff I'll be able to have a few drinks, though if I am, it will be hard to hide the fact that I'm not drinking... We shall wait and see

    Goodluck to each of you in the TWW
    TTC #1

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