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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    megmarie - IUI's are not covered in the part of Canada where I live, but I know a girl that had one and told me it cost about $300. Every province is different. Not sure what they would cost in the States... Every state is probably different too.
    I find it odd that they would tell you to get an IUI so soon and tour age. (Sorry, I don't know how long you have been ttc or how old you are, but most people on this site seem to be in their 20s and haven't been trying for over a year) Have you had your tubes checked? Your hubby really should get his spermies tested. At least then you would know if everything is good on his end.

    I am in my 2ww. We just got vacations approved at work and I have Christmas time booked. I am actually praying that I get to cancel it due to being on mat leave! It isn't likely, but a girl can dream.

    I hope to see more BFPs soon! *baby dust* to all!

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    Btw I agree with niteowl-- IUI only makes sense once a semen analysis has been performed, and an HSG has proven your fallopian tubes are fully open. Perhaps your doctor was saying that, in 2 more cycles' time, you'll need to begin a full infertility workup? I assume that you've undergone a basic workup, including LH & FSH levels, in order to be prescribed Clomid in the first place. I forget, do you have PCOS?
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    What kind of work up does one really need to get Clomid? Ladies that have taken it, did you go through your regular gynecologist or did you have to see a reproductive endocrinologist? I actually don't have a PCP right now, but I assume they rarely prescribe it. Did you need a battery of bloodwork and tests before hand? ... I'm really hesitant to go to a doctor since it would mean finding one (or several).

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    @blade and @niteowl13 yes you are correct. The semen analyses would be first. Blade, I do have PCOS and rarely have periods. I have had lh and fsh tests done as well as a plethora of blood work over the past 10 years. Every time I switch doctors they seems to need me to have new tests done so I have been confirmed multiple times. Niteowl you are right. I am in my mid 20's and haven't been trying for a long time. But I know I only ovulate a couple times a year at best plus have a known fertility issue, so I decided (and multiple doctors have supported this theory) to be proactive in my approach to baby making. We also have this new issue, which I do not feel comfortable discussing on a public forum.

    Thank you both for the IUI info! Next time I go in I will ask about the full fertility work up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by megmarie View Post
    Oh! And, @alzora, have you considered using an OPK kit to test if when you're ovulating? It is so helpful and super worth the $20. It takes some of the stress out of it for me. It is as easy as peeing on a stick every morning...and let's face it, we all really gotta pee when we first wake up anyway, so it just works straight into your schedule
    I got generic ovulation test sticks from Target once ("Up & Up" brand) and used them for 7 days during what I thought was my ovulation week. They never detected ovulation, but I believe I ovulated just a day or two after I ran out of them. However, during that week of using them I became very skeptical of them, and became nervous that perhaps they were inaccurate and would never detect ovulation. I think I even read some negative reviews online and lost all confidence in them. I was afraid of missing the window of opportunity by waiting around for them to read positive, so when they ran out I didn't buy more. I now have been going by the calendar and cervical mucus. Have you found that yours always seem to work accurately? Which brand do you get? Thank you for the suggestion. Perhaps if I hear good things about them or a recommended brand, I will use them for next month.
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