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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    alzora: Right now I'm expecting AF around Friday or Saturday. I don't have high hopes for this cycle, so I'm sure she's just biding her time and waiting to strike.
    So far my husband and I haven't used preseed or anything like that yet. We just try ever other night and the only tracking I've done is with cervical mucus (boy, that was fun to learn about "I have to do what?"). Tuesday I have an appointment with my OBGYN and I'm super nervous. It's just a normal check up, but to be honest (and I know it's ridiculous) but this will be my first time EVER going, so I'm a bit stressed. I did see the book MrsH recommended and I plan on checking into it. I hope that Easter brings good news for both of us as well

    megmarie: Ha! They really don't like talking about it, do they? I think I perpetually mortify my husband whenever I bring it up.
    I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I have several aunts who either cannot have children (I have never been completely informed why) or have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, so I've been terrified to find out if it has been passed along. Hopefully it is a good sign that your mother had similar symptoms but was still able to conceive. I hope that you get good news soon!
    I'm really not much help when it comes to advice on this subject, but I do think that poppy528 makes a great point. Men do enjoy morning sex and my doctor told me that their sperm count is higher in the morning as well, so it might be worth at try.

    poppy528: I love my MIL too, she's the best! However, I'm would be in the same boat. My husband and I would get asked questions like that all the time and every time we would have to answer "no" it would be painful. It's enough of a disappointment in private, no need to broadcast it. Although, I'm about 99% sure that my mother knows (she always seems to know what's on mind) but she's really good about not prying.
    I dont' tell my coworkers either (though they ask constantly) I just say "it will happen when it happens" and change the subject.
    However, it really is hard not to share with people, its an exciting time and the thought of having a child makes me giddy
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    I like talking about TTC on this forum better than a TTC forum because we can always lighten the mood with some name talk. :-) It's so easy to obsess and stress and worry. I think the best thing we do to improve our chances is find ways to distract and absorb our minds with other things.

    You always hear about people who decide to adopt and then get pregnant. That happened to my grandma. They tried for 16 years. Married at 19, and then at 35 they decided to adopt my mom, then got pregnant basically immdiately. They adopted my mom anyway of course, at birth, and six months later had my aunt. My mom and aunt enjoy telling people they are six months apart and watching people's faces. :-)
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    @megmarie, my husband is my biggest challenge each month during ovulation days. He's not doing it on purpose, and he is in very good health overall, but it seems that every month during those days he is either particularly tired from work (and I mean visibly exhausted), has a bad cold/flu, has injured his back (that's this month's problem, and was last month as well), etc. We have always been able to do it at least some of the days, but there are always a few days every month when I want to try and he just is unable to perform, as you said. He works as a therapist with troubled teenagers who are one step away from juvy hall or a psyche ward, and wouldn't you know, they turn into little hellions and beat up on my husband on the days when I need him to be in his best of shape. I have no advice for this; I want to scream. We should be trying tonight, but he can barely walk and has to see his doctor about his back tomorrow. So frustrating! I can relate to you.

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    Oh my gosh, @alzora, that is terrible! No wonder you are so stressed! It is such a critical time too. This topic kind of makes me want to cry. I'm glad your husband's is legitimate (no less frustrating though) My husband just gets in his own head and freaks himself out. And this is a very new issue. Performance isn't normally something I worry about with him lol.

    I have to say that it is taking everything within myself to not show my frustration. Last month I did not hide it well but I am laughing it off the past couple of days and that is seeming to help. Fingers crossed for babies!!!
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    Hi all, I would love to join your thread as I have my fingers crossed that 2013 is my year! I have been ttc for my second (but my bf's first) for 18 months. I have a 15 year old son who I had when I was younger. It seems now that I am 36 I can no longer concieve! Both me and my partner have been fully tested and they can't find anything wrong other than i have slightly low progestrogen. I hang on to the hope that this means I should be able to concieve but as the months tick by I find myself doubting that its ever going to happen. I love reading other people's stories and follow forums because I have not told any family or friends I have been ttc. I am hoping this year I can give my son a much longed for brother or sister.
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