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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Having a big tasty glass of wine tonight to mark the beginning of the first month...

    Saliva Ferning?! Seriously?

    Also poppy, not sure exactly where you live but Evergreen, Swedish and of course UW have good perinatologist groups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    I have learned that my temp spikes, CM changes, LH surges on ovulation test strips, and mittelschmerz (ovulation pain) NEVER SYNC UP.
    Crap, now I'm wondering if our past six months of TTC have been a bust because we've been trying at the wrong time. How far apart are your temperature spikes, cervical mucus, etc.? Every month we've tried for about 5 days in a row, and AF always ends up coming exactly 14 days after one of those attempts. I thought I read somewhere that AF can pretty much be counted on to show up 14-15 days after ovulation, so based on the calendar, we've been hitting it. Based on cervical mucus as well. But maybe I should pick up a thermometer.

    Ugh, when did baby-making become one big, complicated formula involving math and special tools...I feel like a mad scientist in a lab. Maybe I'd be better off if I stopped trying to figure out the baby recipe and just winged it for a change. Truthfully that would probably produce quicker results, but do you think I will take my own advice? Noooo, I'll probably have a basil body thermometer in my hands by tomorrow.

    Good luck, @Blade!

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    Alzora, do you have the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler? I've found it really helpful in sorting out the mystery that is my lady plumbing. Mine still doesn't work the way it's supposed to, but if you want to learn how to chart, that's your book. It is pretty cheezy 80s "Our Bodies, Our Selves" and it gets a bit goddess-circley and you will see the cervical mucus of strangers, but it's super helpful. I've read about a zillion reviews, posts, etc. about people who've gotten pregnant using what they learned in this book.

    As for me, I've recovered pretty well. My ovarian drilling was a week ago yesterday. I can still "feel" my ovaries, if that makes sense, and I've heard I will for a while. But (most of) the awful gas is gone and the pain is just mild discomfort.


    The nurses told me I would bleed for a few days after surgery, and everybody I've seen on the Webbernets says they bled, too. I didn't. I started bleeding 4 days or so after, but only about half a day of it was legit red flow. The rest was like dark brown, more like spotting. It lasted maybe 3 days and it seems to be all but gone.

    So. I'm worried. Of course! It's what I do, apparently. But I'm not having the "typical" result so I jump to the conclusion that it didn't work.

    This is stupid. I need to give my body time to heal. I know that. Worrying doesn't help anything. I know that, too.

    Anyway. That's what's going on with me.

    I hope lots of y'all are posting BFPs soon! Keep the faith, gals!
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    does anyone use tracking cervical changes? its soaccurate, it takes all the guesswork out, and is as easy as putting in a tampon. It works!
    also, try cassava root supplement. i just ordered mine!
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    I tried the saliva microscope thing too. Ugh. Other than getting to pretend I was a scientist first thing in the morning, it was not very useful. I did see "ferning" patterns, but they didn't seem to bear any relationship to any actual ovulation on my part. I've stopped charting my basal temp. 'cause it sucks and I don't think I've ever gotten any useful information from it. I bought a big pack of Wandfo OPK strips. I'm not very good at taking my temp. at the same time every morning, discerning microscopic patterns in spit, or charting cervical mucus, but I'm pretty good at peeing on a stick!
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