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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora - Yes I got my blood drawn today yet again haha. I will either know tomorrow (hopefully!!!!) or Tuesday (due to Labor Day) if my progesterone levels went up. I'll let everyone know ASAP what the results are....good or bad.
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    @December - My husband takes zinc supplements. They're really good for sperm, so try to get your partner onto them!

    @Blueeyes - Implantation bleeding isn't more than a few spots. So if your flow is more than that, it's likely it's your period.

    I don't have anything to update. My doctor said she'd call with the results of my blood test (checking my thyroid) only if there was something wrong. So, if I don't hear from her by the end of today, it's probably fine. I have an appointment with a specialist on Monday, so I'll know for sure then.
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    Hey girls! I have so much to catch up on! Sorry about the BFNs and AF showing up

    I have no real news to share. AF is due next Friday. Have major lower back pain this week. That's about it. Who knows tho!
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    Hello again, so sorry I'm back so late- i can't reply to these threads on my phone anymore which is really annoying and limiting my responses.

    Ive read a few pages back and am bummed there have been no BFP's i think we are due for many! Good luck to those starting testing and treatment.

    Just an update on me as there is so many new faces, TTC last two months, getting married in October. Live in Australia been with my partner for almost 10 years.

    This past cycle around time of ovulation (not to sure when it happens so trying the every or every other day method) i predict the date of ovulation occurred based on CM which happened to coincide around the same time i got a fever and sore throat so im thinking thats probably not good news for this cycle.... pretty sure anything still alive would have dropped off from the temperature rise of about .3 degrees Celsius...

    altho i guess you can never trust cm and ovulation date predictor things so period due monday 8th sept so will find out then i guess. I didnt realise just how hard it was to get the deed done around a certain week, i think all the waiting and scheduling kind of sucks- i know its only been two months but we waited an additional 8 months on top of that before we started so it kinda feels like 10 months to me as i would get my hopes up even back then...

    We have no reason to believe we will have trouble conceiving we just don't appear to have much luck around the ovulation date- but the witch is a while away so fingers crossed-

    do other ppl find just after ovulation date your more likely to get sick??

    A maybe would be nice- love the saying as well as June Bug

    Ive also red that zinc can increase sperm count but it was anecdotal, its always best to get from food sources - i think oysters are the best and to eat allot of them 2-3 days before you want your count up..

    I wouldn't be surprised if low vitD was effecting modern fertility as it effects many ppl and its only something we are recently hearing about.. I take pre-pregnancy pills, zinc, vitD and omega3 (but thats more for my nails)...

    Partner dosnt take anything.

    Okay im going to most likely google more about fevers and ovulation- how dangerous is google- speak with you guys later and wishing some good news for this forum.

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    @alzora - I'd forgotten how much hormones suck! Tbh, I'm not looking forward to my first AF after coming off the pill as cramps before the pill were so bad I was in bed for a couple of days We can have a mutual online pity party

    On the vitamin front, I take pre-pregnancy tablets that contain folic acid, vitamin D and iron but the hubby doesn't take anything, if we have a few unsuccessful cycles I may convince him to start taking something.
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