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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Alzora- I am so sorry that you are struggling so much right now. I know that it is a hard journey and it seems like there is no hope. But you are very blessed to have an amazing husband to go through this with and friends that you can also open up to. I am praying for you and I hope that you can soon find comfort, from where ever that may come. I have hope that you will eventually concieve and prove that all of this time that you spent feeling lower than low, will be completely worth it!!

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    This group should win an award for being the most supportive support group. I think one of the best qualities of this thread is that you are all such great listeners. And as you all know for yourselves, when a woman is trying to conceive and fighting with all of the hormones and emotions that go along with that, she sometimes just needs someone to listen, and you all nailed it. That's what makes this thread so successful. I appreciate you ladies so much.

    @Daisychain, so funny that you used the term Mayby! Every time I think about the possibility of a May baby, my weird little brain smooshes the two words together and is like, "A Mayby!"

    I've gotten some more sleep (Wednesday is my do-nothing day, falling right in between my house-cleaning days and my newspaper-assignment days), and I'm feeling a bit more reasonable about some things. As several of you keep trying to tell me, this cycle isn't over. I know I said that I won't discuss symptoms this cycle, but we all knew that would be short-lived: I'm 8 or 9 DPO and am having premenstrual cramps, which started on Sunday (6 DPO), I feel the usual tension in my legs and knees that I get the week before my period, and my cervix has had it's usual weird crampy feeling. So all of that sounds incredibly discouraging, and I have zero pregnancy symptoms. But as Blade once pointed out in this thread, all of that is caused by progesterone, which would be spiking at this point in my cycle with or without pregnancy. Knowing that, I don't know why I'm so pessimistic about things. I think it's just hard (or scary?) to hold out hope when you feel for all the world like your period is on the brink of starting. The next few days should be very telling, but even so, like you all said, it's not over 'til it's over.

    And I know that if my period comes, my mood swings will settle down, AND it will FINALLY be September, so I will be on my husband's insurance! I still don't have the money to pursue the test that I need to see if my fallopian tubes are blocked (the test is between $2,500-4,000, and insurance covers 80% of that but the remaining 20% is still a good chunk of money...probably will not happen until after the holidays). However, I see no reason why we can't schedule a consultation with a fertility specialist to get the ball rolling, find out pricing on things, have her look over my medical history, and discuss the possibility of a semen analysis for my husband (which is far more affordable).

    I just need to take a deep breath and focus on positive things. Hormones get the best of me.

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    @Alzora - You totally never need to apologize for being emotional on here. TTC is a crazy roller-coaster ride even without the health issues you've had in the past. We are all here whenever you need to vent. I hope you're able to get a consultation and at least talk about the next steps... although I hope even more than you won't need it after all. :-)

    My doctor's office phoned to confirm that I'm not pregnant, but otherwise things are positive as my blood work is good. So I guess I'll be going for a "Mayby" as well!
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    Sorry to see all the AF's and BFN's popping up.

    We've had a heck of a time ttc as my periods were all over the place. The last one I had was in February 2013. I finally had one last week. 5 straight days of light bleeding - not my normal AF but I'll take what I can get.

    I'm at CD11 and I use to have 38 day cycles so it will be interesting to see how long my cycles are now and what kind of wait until I am ovulating. I'm thinking sometime between this Saturday and next saturday I should start ovulating. I will be super excited when that happnes - i think i'm a bit weird.

    I also went out and bought the book taking charge of my fertility. I'm only reading it when commuting to work and back and have gotten through a couple of chapters. Keeping my figures crossed for all of you!
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    I caved and tested this afternoon (after holding my pee for 4 hours) BFN I'm gutted as I had high hopes and was certain I was getting symptoms. There's a slim chance I may have tested a bit too early. I used a First Response Test which is supposed to be 99% accurate when testing 2 days early, so I'm taking it as a no for now, but treating my body as a yes, just in case.
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