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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Thanks, ladies! We are very excited! 4w 1d today

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    Thank you @handler x
    I'm so proud of myself I had NO cigarettes yesterday at all! Super chuffed lol. Hoping that Pip is going to be a strong & healthy baba.
    Hope everyone is ok on here! Much love xxx
    Mrs B
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    Congratulations Hala-- it's so hard to quit smoking, it shows how much you love this baby already!
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    Alzora, I hear ya. Good advice. :-) I ignored all the "you'll feel better if you move around more" nonsense and was lazy the day of the surgery and a full two days after. Today I showered and put on actual clothes. My abdomen is still distended a little but I am off pain meds and can stand up straight and walk around. The incisions are really tiny. They were covered with regular old BandAids. :-) Most of the pain is gone. I think most of it came from the CO2 filling up my belly.

    Anyway I am venturing out today! Hurray! To the bookstore and the Walgreen's! So exciting!

    I was told I would bleed like a period but I haven't. Not a drop. I told the nurse yesterday and she said it doesn't matter and I should bleed at some point before my one month post op. That will be considered the start of my cycle. I am gonna start temping tomorrow and try to ascertain if I am ovulating. That would be kind of amazing.

    Hope everyone is doing well! Knocked up thoughts for all of you!
    Mrs. H.
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    Well well well, AF has come in all her glory and it's abundantly clear that nothing could survive in this womb today. Having already spent the past few days grieving for this lost month, I'm neither shocked nor saddened by this development, and had already accepted it. I'm viewing today as the potential Day One of a pregnancy, which of course it will be if I get pregnant this month. I'm actually relieved that AF is finally here, because as you can see from my recent posts, PMS takes such an emotional toll on me. I'm already feeling better and less obsessive. Where are the rest of you at? I've lost track, once again, of who is in the two-week wait, etc. Anyone have exciting news to share?

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