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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @missusatch, how are you feeling today? Slowly feeling better?

    @alzora, hope you're not stressing too much today! It's really not fun to be under that much stress, in general, especially when you want something to happen so badly! Good thoughts coming your way.
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    @alzora, I've been off of birth control and not doing anything to prevent pregnancy for about a year. We've started really trying about two months ago. I just had to follow your advice and hide any updates from any pregnant family and friends from facebook. It's already a lot less stressful not having a million ultrasound photos or cravings updates all over my newsfeed.

    @stuffd & hala90, congratulations!

    @missusaytch, good luck with the recovery!

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    @alzora, men have about a 3 month supply already in their body maturing, its takes something like roughly 75 days for the spermies to grow then like roughly another 20 to mature, (something along those lines) then they are released and the cycle keeps going like that. So when reproductive centers take a sample they ask that we wait 3 months before getting retested.

    Stress really can put a damper on ttc, my stress levels were out the roof when we first started trying, esp around the 6 month mark. I wouldnt say I desired getting pregnant any less, but I did(am) learn(ing) to manage my stress better with time. My heart still aches when I get a BFN, and the tww is horrible! I absolutely cant stand how obsessed I get with "is this a pregnancy symptom, is that a pregnancy symptom?"

    TTC cant def put a ringer on ones stress levels. Try to relax and enjoy this time of your life. This is coming from someone who def understands how stressful it can be and I am preaching to myself here as well =) when I had read that stress can be a huge factor, I did everything in my power to prevent [me] from being a possible source for why I haven't conceived yet. I used my husband like crazy to help me stay positive and focus on the good I do have in life. He is so my better half when it comes to calming me down and reminding of the important things in life and not to stress too much about the future =)
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    Hi all! Thanks for asking, I am doing fine. Since I can't seem to tolerate the hard core pain meds I am moving around less than I'd like to. People keep telling me to get up and move around. I am up and down a bit for water and snacks and bathroom and such but I see no reason to be super hard on myself. When they get holes burned into their ovaries, they can tell me how they feel about moving the eff around. :-)

    Anyway I am fine. Thanks again for checking on me. Hope everyone is doing well.

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    @megmarie, thank you for the support!

    @handler, good for you on making healthy changes to your exposure on Facebook. It truly has made my days less depressing. Again, it's not that I don't care about my friends and their babies. It just gets taxing to be inundated with the updates during such an emotional time.

    @butterflykisses, I had no idea how that all worked, so that's very interesting. Lol...I call them "spermies" too! I saw that and was like, "Hey, she speaks my language!" As for controlling the stress levels, I feel like it's a catch-22. Trying to control the stress levels stresses me out!

    @MrsH, who is telling you to get up and move around? Ignore them. My relatives were great ones for advising me on how to recover from the accident. "Oh, you still can't cough like a normal human because of the intubation? You need to practice that! Cough! Cough now!" Or "Work on lying on your stomach...I don't CARE THAT YOU HAVE AN EIGHT-INCH INCISION DOWN YOUR GUT THAT IS STILL RED AND SORE, JUST LAY ON IT!" I am only slightly exaggerating here. My point is, I did not take their advice most of the time, and I even ended up quitting physical therapy and learning to walk in my own way, in my own time, when my body and mind were ready. I was not slow or lazy about recovering--quite fast, in fact--but I did not listen to them and push myself beyond what I felt physically capable of. Doctors, therapists, and relatives don't know what exactly you are feeling, physically or mentally. You'll get up when you are good and ready to get up. I used to tell my family the same basic thing you are telling yours: "When you get run over by a pickup truck, you recover in your way. I'm recovering in mine." Anyway, I hope you are feeling better soon. Soak in this time on the couch.

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