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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    No period yet, but since coming off BC it's sometimes a day or so off. If it's not started by Wednesday I'll recheck. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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    @jcannoy - good luck! Hope your recheck gives you different results!

    @alzora - Unfortunately, I pretty much always get a positive OPK. I always get that LH surge, but don't pull the trigger on releasing an actual egg. I'll have another blood test late this week to see if my progesterone went up-indicating ovulation. Thanks for the support!
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    BFN this morning. I am so confused. I had all the signs of ovulation (change in cervical fluid, positive OPK, temperature shift a day later), and that was 22 days ago, but still no AF. I'm really hoping I can see my doctor on Tuesday to figure out what's going on. From Google (I know, bad idea), I see there are some women who haven't gotten a BFP until 6 weeks or more, but hopefully I won't have to wait in limbo for another week...
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    Hi guys, sorry about my long silence When I last checked this forum, you were at page 192, so I have obviously not read all the posts I missed!

    We are still TTC but this is only our 2nd cycle. We're still at the beginning! My biggest "job" this time around is trying to get my 11 month old to sleep through the night. If/when that happens on a regular basis, I will feel a lot more like doing the baby dance when the time is right! When he doesn't sleep through and is very needy (like all of last week), his chances of having a sibling are much reduced since I end up sleeping half the night in his room rather than with DH. Maybe he has it all planned out that way. !!! Last night he slept from 8:30pm or so until 5:30am so there may be a light at the end of this tunnel!

    @alzora, I read about your weekend with your sisters. It's so hard to be happy for others when you're sad for yourself. I hear your pain. Sending you a hug and baby dust to use for the next 'round.

    @maggiefromcanada hopefully you will have good news on Tuesday and either Google is right or there was something weird going on with your test kit (what, I have no idea... but you know, weird things happen sometimes!)

    I hope there's lots more good news for all of us this round
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    Maggie, that is really weird and incredibly frustrating! I'm looking forward to hearing what your doctor has to say.

    I'm hanging out at 7 DPO. Would really like to exercise today; it's a gorgeous day here, last Sunday of summer! I really want to go on a ten mile bike ride. But after Loveday mentioned that some say excessive exercise is counter indicate for normal weight women TTC, (and I found studies indicating the same) I've been cutting back-had been cycling about 10 miles a day to-from work, which really makes even the crappiest work day fun, even though it's very vigorous. But I am entering the days of possible implantation and don't want to mess that up! But it's so beautiful out! Indecision over here.

    Here's a link to an article citing the research:

    Now I guess a question is whether 10 miles of biking is 'extreme' or 'moderate.' It certainly isn't 'leisurely' for me.
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