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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    It only slight concerns me that shift work can be a risk factor for uh every pregnancy complication ever.
    Really? Crap.
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    Well maybe not ALL the complications. Just biggies like low birth weight or preterm labor. My pubmed access is gone so I'm forced to use google for research. Of course I can't learn anything scientific that way, but it makes sense. It doesn't help that my cousin who is an RN (ironically, in a NICU) had an SGA, preterm baby and went into labor on the night shift, thus confirming (in my head) that noc shift is bad for fetal development.
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    @poppy, thank you incidentally, if Pip is a girl I think we are pretty certain we are calling her Poppy! Awesome name in my opinion xxx
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    An update for those who asked:

    It has officially been over a year for my DH and I. We got him tested (his sperm) and it turns out he has a lower sperm count than the doctors like to see. The good news is the sperm that he does have are very healthy and motile and not very many deformities and most are swimming straight so thats great news in light of things. He is about 7 million short of what doctors call "normal" when it comes to count. So we have started taking all the proper measures to help get the count up, which in retrospect is just getting healthy! A proper diet and stop drinking and smoking, get a lil exercise in and boom! Those things alone boost testosterone. The bum news is it takes roughly 3 months for new healthy sperm to be made. We are still hopeful, and clinging onto the fact our odds went up now thats its been a year.

    This is currently my week of ovulation, I have been taking the test strips and I am currently in my ovulation window so we are doing what measures we do have in our control and praying for the best! Someone somewhere, not on this blog suggested pre seed, its a sperm friendly lube and supposedly gets phenomenal results fairly quickly. So we have our fingers crossed that this will help as well.

    This has been quite the emotional roller coaster, being a person that has dreamed of being a mother for so long and having difficulties conceiving whilst watching my sisters and friends pop babies out left and right has been quite a challenge. But God is good, and we are praying for our lil blessing soon!
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    Aw, hang in there, butterflykisses! Are you being tested yourself yet? I've only been trying for half the time you have, and I'm already thinking of tests in a few months. In fact, I may just schedule my annual OBGYN exam next week, and I will discuss fertility with her.

    Quote Originally Posted by butterflykisses View Post
    The bum news is it takes roughly 3 months for new healthy sperm to be made.
    Wait, I thought new sperm was made every day?

    As for Pre-Seed, my husband and I have been using it for six months now. :/ I too had heard great things about it, and I'm sure it IS sperm friendly, so we will continue to use that and no other lube until we have conceived. I'm sure the Pre-Seed hasn't PREVENTED conception for us, but we simply have other reasons for not having conceived yet. Like my extreme stress over conceiving; I've heard that stress alone can prevent conception, and I'm just naturally so freaking high-strung, so that could very well be our problem. I do hope you get the best results from Pre-Seed. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted.

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