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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Blade, at-home sperm count tests. Are they legit? If they're for real, we will consider that much easier option come summer.

    (@megmarie, I was afraid other posters were getting annoyed with my constant posts. As I've said before, I'm pretty obsessive with this whole TTC thing, and only getting worse. Glad you're appreciating all my whining. )
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    @alzora, love it! I am really glad people feel comfortable sharing ups and downs. I am more of a listener than a talker (yes, I realize we're reading and writing instead of listening and talking but you know what I mean ) so it is nice learning about people and these issues without necessarily having to voice my own stuff. Maybe that sounds weird?
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    No idea, but I thought it took a pretty sophisticated lab to perform a semen analysis. You have to observe morphology and motility under a fairly powerful microscope. There is a lot more to male fertility than a simple sperm count.
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    Heya I did reply but my Internet decided to cut out so I lost it, but if two of my answers appear the same, you know why lol.
    @grecianern, the vacuum comment made me laugh so much, it's the kind of thing my OH would say! I'm so pleased for you and so happy that your family are celebrating with you too apart from MIL, and you can't please everyone can you. And she is in her 80's, bless her. Thank you for the link I'm going to check that out! X
    @missusaytch, "I always thought they were my best feature"... Classic x
    @Alzora, how are you? You seem to have had a rollercoaster of emotions lately! How are you feeling now? Its a scary thing planning a human life, a lot of things to consider, and the toll on your body too, not easy. However, you will know when you are ready, although being ready can be defined in different ways, I think. I don't think anyone is ever 100% truly prepared for the chaos a baba brings and there is never a right time in my experience. But there are better times than others, and people can be ready one month And not the next. It's a bizarre journey. And not much sense comes from us ladies when all we want is a baby! At least I make no sense. All that will go through my head is baby, baby, baby... And baby names of course! Totally obsessed with names. Hope you are ok though, and feeling a bit calmer now?
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    There's much, much more than sperm count in regard to fertility. As Blade mentioned, motility (forward movement) and morphology (correct shape) are important. Semen must also contain fructose to nourish the sperm, and be slightly alkaline to provide a sperm-friendly environment. Semen should also transition from gel-like to liquid fairly quickly.
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