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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @maggie, I've never felt the mittelschmerz, I feel like I'm always achy/old/sore from something so I'm not sure I'd be able to differentiate!

    @sarah, $70? Geeez!! I was thinking of trying the digitals too but think I'll keep trying the cheapies for the time been! I haven't gotten a positive yet either... And I thought I'd be ovulating tomorrow!

    @alzora. Go get icecream stat! And chocolate! Don't be sad I hear you on the big mouth thing, I wish I'd never told my sister and friends/plus some of the ladies at work..... But I couldn't help it, I was just so excited and it came up in conversation and the words just fell out of my mouth.... But now every time I see them they always ask and it's awkward! I am regretful...

    Sometimes i feel like i don't think about anything else other than ttc and I definitely feel like I count the days and everything else in my life according to my menstrual cycle..... I'm obsessed!...but I have these moments when I'm not sure I even want too, or wonder if I'm ready, or just want to eat some damn sushi! I know I should relax and even stop actively trying and just let it happen but I am so impatient..

    I'm not having much luck with OPKs.. I haven't got a positive yet even though I'd thought I'd be ovulating tomorrow.... CM is not EW yet, so maybe I haven't got my dates right..l I really hate the doubt and it makes me feel like I will never ovulate... Sigh.. I need some icecream too!
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    I'm nearing about a year of TTC, and although I don't feel like I wasted this year in any way, I did obsess about getting pregnant a lot. I love to travel and we didn't plan any long in advance trips this year, because there's always the thought - what if I'm pregnant then?!? So we've only done short, last minute weekend getaway type stuff. It just affects a lot of things! :/
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    @alzora I am nowhere near where you are in TTC but I totally understand! These past 3 months have flown by because everything seems to be on a two week schedule. I spend too much time obsessing and over analyzing. I decided to cool it a bit this month and its been a bit better.. Until we got here on holidays and everyone has a baby/is pregnant! Grrr! Big hugs for you!!!!

    AF is due at the end of this week. Hoping she doesn't show up! So far, no typical PMS symptoms yet and no pg symptoms. I am quite moody.. But that could be anything. Here's hoping!
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    I just want to chime in that I'm sure it depends on where you're located but here in the US, I got the Clear Blue OPK's (a month's worth, w/the digital reader) from Target for about $17. So it's worth a look if you live in the US, maybe online is cheaper if you don't? My fingers and toes are crossed for all of you (actually my legs are too right now but that's more from reading about birth in that new book I just got )!!! Baby dust!

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    @Alzora, obviously I haven't been here for long, but that's something I worry about. I feel like the whole year before we got married, I was obsessing over when we'd get engaged and all the details that would have to come together (I had to move 4.5 hours away, rent or sell my place, quit my job, etc.) And now I wish I'd spent more time enjoying the last months with my friends in my old city and less time stressing. I hope TTC doesn't turn out like that, as I think that's why my husband was hesitant to start trying in the first place. I hope you and your husband are able to enjoy this time, even with the ups and downs.

    @Shannon, crossing my fingers for you! It's so hard when everyone around is pregnant.
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