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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Alzora--Sorry I've been slow in responding to your question about chocolate milk, but as someone with a background in exercise physiology, I thought it was a question worth addressing. Chocolate milk as a "recovery drink" is kind of a mixed bag. It's definitely gotten lot of attention in the last 5 years or so. The very basic concept is that it will replace fluids and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, etc.) while also providing good nutrition (carbs and protein in approximately a 3:1 ratio) and is a good source of important vitamins and minerals. The downside is it has quite a few calories compared to, well, water. For that reason, chocolate milk might not be the best choice for someone who is using exercise to lose or maintain weight. On the other hand, high level athletes, exercise junkies, marathoners, etc. may benefit greatly from drinking chocolate milk, as well as anyone looking for an extra boost of protein (although plain milk will also do the trick for those just looking for protein and a few extra carbs).

    The reality is, most people exercising 30-60 min a day should have no problem replenishing fluids and electrolytes from drinking plain ol' water and eating a balanced diet. The electrolytes found in Gatorade, Powerade, and chocolate milk are also naturally occurring in our food sources. To be quite honest, the biggest benefit of recovery drinks is the flavor--people are much more likely to drink sufficient quantities of water if it tastes less like water.

    Does that help?


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    @Alzora, I can definitely somewhat relate. It is an emotional roller coaster! The 2ww is so draining on my brain/soul!! I do have a 2.5 year old and I know I want more kids but it is hard to know when the timing is right. Things are good now so I am nervous to change everything and yet, I really, really want a baby and am disappointed each time I find I am not pregnant and am left wondering if we should keep trying ahhh. I was also really sick for my first pregnancy and am anxious about managing that again while chasing my toddler. Anyways, all that to say, I feel for you. <3 I hope you find peace about all of this!
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    @Lark, thank you, that's very interesting! I'm not currently in a workout routine, but sounds like it would be worth drinking chocolate milk as a recovery drink and just working out a little extra to burn off those extra chocolate milk calories. I am a hopeless Ovaltine addict. I don't care what my friends say about it being an old-person's drink. If it is, then throw me in a nursing home and let me hang with them, because they're getting the good stuff.

    @Cygnus, it is sooo good to hear from someone else who is conflicted on this matter! I suppose it can be argued that I'm foolish to keep TTC if I'm still unsure of what I want. But during ovulation days and even for most of the month, I feel CERTAIN that it's what I want! I also want to be careful not to let my fear stand in the way of my dreams, which is an old habit passed down through my family. But if you ask me during one of my anxiety episodes how I feel about that, I'll insist that I'm just not ready. I hope you too can begin to feel greater reassurance in whichever decision you make about TTC. Thank you for your support.

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    @alzora I get freaked out too! I know that DH and I are ready and we're super excited but at certain times of the month I definitely get a little crazy about it and think not great thoughts. I want a baby more than anything too! It is so weird.
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    Blade, I am glad you shared that you are TTC! Baby dust!!

    Anyways, can I ask a stupid question?? If you've had an ovarian cyst or maybe even more (not sure), that's different that having PCOS? I certainly don't fit the metabolic profile for PCOS and I have regular cycles ... I'm note sure how the presence of cysts relates to fertility. I know my ovaries are doing something as I have mittelschmerz.

    My other even more stupid question is ... Can low sperm count be genetic?
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