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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Apr 2013
    Thanks Maggie. Sarah and Shannon, I added you from Alzora's FB page (if you don't get friend requests from me, then that means I added strangers!), feel free to confirm or ignore as you see fit. I would add more of you but I can't be sure of who you are in real life.

    As for me, still no thermal shift (= no ovulation), haven't tried an OPK since Friday, but I've noticed wetter CM for the first time since going off the pill! Not eggwhite yet, but a good sign!

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    Apr 2013
    PS welcome sarastin!

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    Yes aalzora please =) phone is still cooky on nameberry, having issues be back soon =)
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    Just got my period.. So at least our third cycle can begin
    TTC #1

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    Welcome Saristan! I hope you have a smooth & brief time TTC Re: being nervous, our daughter Mila was unplanned (I was on the mini pill) so we kind of got thrown in the deep end there - no time to consider "will we be good parents?", although before I was pregnant we had talked about having kids at some point in the future. I also remember my husband (partner, then) having a mini panic attack the day we got home from the hospital. He kept saying "it's such a big responsibility!" and just looking down at this tiny little bundle that we now had in our lives. My philosophy was, yes, it is a big responsibility. But you don't have to face the enormity of it all in one day. You just take one day at a time, do your best for each day, and everything will be ok.

    December - sorry to hear about your period, but I do like how it marks Day 1 of your new cycle. Fingers crossed for you that this is the one!

    Alzora - I'm semi worried about PPD. I didn't get it with Mila but I have a history of depression and anxiety, so it's always something to be wary of. Especially as we won't be in NZ for long after the birth this time, so I won't have such a good support network. I found getting out and about really helped - I joined a bunch of mother & baby groups so I had something to take Mila to every day and people to talk to when my other friends were busy working.

    Also jumping in here to say I'm happy to be added on Facebook.
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