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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    If you go through with the adoption plans, Alzora, they often counsel the couple and make sure you have 'resolved' any grief from TTC that didn't result in a baby. Just something to bear in mind, but of course I am hoping you conceive either this month or the next!
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    @alzora I hope you get a BFP soon! I've heard some women don't feel any changes leading up to a BFP and just suspect AF is on her way! You're not out until she rears her ugly face! Good luck!

    Nothing seems to be agreeing with my stomach this month.. I'm nauseous daily (although no throwing up) and I get stomach cramps a lot. Plus (TMI) diarrhea. I hope this isn't an indication of something too serious that can hinder my chances of conceiving! I wish the wait lists for family docs wasn't so long..

    Hope everyone's TWW is going well!
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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    Andie, Thanks for sharing your experience with hypothyroid, although it is a bit devastating to hear how long it took to get a handle on it and start trying to conceive again. I called my doctor yesterday to ask whether I need to wait, and he said yes. Which kills me. I'm 35, my husband's 41, and we only have a precious year's break before I have to start traveling a lot for work--commuting to teach college in another state. When I'm traveling so much, it's hard for us to conceive. Plus I really can't imagine doing it pregnant, or having a room full of college students knowing if I have another miscarriage.Plus I was just pregnant! Three weeks ago I was excited and happy and content and looking forward to a future I had barely even dared to hope for. I just want to get there again.

    So to hear I may have to wait years, when I feel like I don't have years, to try again is really heartbreaking.

    And the hypothyroid thing is so weird because I really don't have any symptoms. My bloodwork came back at 5.08 during the visit when I was miscarrying two weeks ago and 6 two days ago. Normal appears to be in the 1-2 range. (ETA:just reread your post and see you have the correct ranges there). Without symptoms, I can't really look forward to the pills making me feel better, because I feel fine-well, sad, tired, but then I'm just getting over a miscarriage. So I'm having a hard time dealing with the reality of all this. Also freaking out because I've heard people can be really debilitated while if they get the dosage wrong... Ugh.

    So the long and short of it is that I'm no longer TTC for the foreseeable future. Will it be six weeks or twelve or eighteen or years or will we never get back to hoping for that beautiful future? I dont know. It kills me to write that.

    Alzora-- I am so sorry you're thinking it isn't going to work for you. I hope that turning to the adoption option, you find yourself with both an adopted and bio baby!
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    aw daisychain, sweetie, I didn't mean to make it sound so bad. It just took me a while to get normal because my endo was so conservative with her dosing and my TSH was so high (10 before I was put on medication). Plus, I wasn't TTC anyway. And, I don't find that trying to find the right dose particularly debilitating. Having too high of a dose can cause anxiety, heart palpitations and weight loss, which could be quite terrible I suppose, but I wouldn't worry too much about that right now.

    Your levels seem to be just barely hypothyroid (at least with my lab), I bet that your levels will go back to normal very quickly (probably within a few months)! When is your follow up? 3 months or 6 months? I bet by that point, you will be good to go! I know it seems like an eternity, but it's not - it gives you time to figure out your platelets issue and any other issues you might have, and still gives you 6-9 months before you have to start traveling.

    But in saying all this, I can understand why you are sad and disappointed and discouraged. I am thinking of you/ praying for you! xo

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    PS Shannon - you are right, it is tough to find a family dr in Canada, eh? If you happen to live in Toronto, my family dr is taking new patients...

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