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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Alzora, haha yeah I suppose Winter in NZ is kinda Narnian!! My parents eventually discovered that my Mum had only half a uterus. Soon after they stopped ttc and gave up hope she fell pregnant. Btw I second what many of the nameberrys have already said about you being so kind to others and taking such an interest in their stories. It is lovely, thank you. I don't plan to start with any strategies other than keeping track of my cycle and trying every second day or so before ovulation. My cycles are pretty regular so I do have a fair idea about when to try. If we don't fall pregnant in a few months we may relook at that strategy. Good on ya for trying to go with the spontaneous approach. I'm hoping you get a bfp this month

    @sarahmezz, I can understand how your Mum would take that cautious approach, even when its not totally rational. Parents hate seeing there children hurt and not being able to help. That's good to hear it's not hereditary. So hoping you get preggers soon, then you and your Mum could have many chats over baby names. I'm sure she will be delighted to be a Grandmother.

    @Milasmama, I can see how you love Wellington. How long have you lived out of NZ? Your symptoms are sounding positive , very exciting
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    @sarahmezz & milasmamma; the marriage certificate issues are Moroccan. We recently moved and now live in the Netherlands, no more problems with certificates but like any immigrant neigbourhood, the gossip is actually worse! (We still need to choose a name of the Moroccan list as our baby will have Moroccan nationality). B.t.w. I used to work in Malaysia milasmamma, but from what I understood the "liberal" rules only apply to non-muslims? When will you likely have your test done? I am so excited for you!

    @frangipani; welcome! I am sorry to hear about your mc. July is only two days away and I hope it will bring a all's well that ends well to your story!

    We posted about about sisters and friends being all excited about their pregnancies and how this can be hard on us ttc-berries sometimes before. Today one of my best friends called me, told me she was pregnant and then started complaining about it! She really wanted this baby but just felt really tired from the pregnancy which I understand but still it felt like a double stab to the heart. I already felt sad before she called, because I woke up not feeling pregnant. I know its way to early to give up on this cycle (DPO7) so I am trying to forget about it now...

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    @Daisychain, that is definitely an intelligible question, and one I hadn't even thought of. Personally, I suspect that my husband has a low sperm count, so I consider Pre-Seed a necessary aid, but if his sperm quality is poor...well that's something I hadn't even considered!

    @Frangipani, you're so sweet! So wait...your mom carried you to term with only half a uterus?!

    @Khaatje, isn't it so annoying to hear people complain about pregnancy symptoms? That's one thing I have a really hard time swallowing. It's one thing to complain to your significant other, your mother, or your doctor...but anything more than that is poor taste. So you're 7 and I are very close. I didn't test this month so I don't know exactly when I ovulated, but I am 5-7 DPO. My cycle length is irregular, varying between 24-31 days, so you and I probably won't always be in sync, but it's kind of nice to have a TTC buddy for this cycle's two-week wait. I too woke up today feeling not pregnant and have already commenced whining to my husband about it. I'm bracing myself for the eleventh blow.

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    @ khaatje, yup there are two separate legal systems, the liberal laws do indeed only apply to non-Muslims. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perspective I guess!

    @ frangipani we've only been here (in the Maldives) 6 months although we spent 3 years in Malaysia previously. In NZ inbetween those places.

    Tbh I can understand complaining during pregnancy - some women can feel incredibly rough/sick/exhausted etc and it's hard not to mention that to other people. I can also understand that it can be hard to listen to when you're TTC and I would certainly try to avoid saying anything to someone who I knew was trying to conceive.

    I have a pain in my lower left abdomen tonight so am trying not to worry too much about a possible ectopic. The pain is somewhere between mild and moderate but not awful. Hoping it goes away soon. On the other hand I don't feel like I am pregnant today... Bluh, who knows!
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    I'm also about 5-7 DPO ( if I truly ovulated and it wasn't a false positive - surge but no actual ovulation ).

    This is about our 10th month trying.... I went in to get my progesterone levels tested 2 days ago and will have the results on Monday to see if the levels are actually high enough that I did in fact ovulate.

    Meanwhile just analyzing every pseudo symptom (too early I know) and counting down until test time! :/
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