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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    One thing I wonder about Mucinex and PreSeed and the cups too: Is there any chance that they allow semen through that is inferior in some way? I guess part of my question is are the morphology and motility of sperm related to the quality of the genetics they carry?Do things like hostile CM weed out weak sperm, only letting in the strong, and does this means that weakening that barrier/vetting system increases the chances of genetic problems with the baby.

    Not sure that's even an intelligible question.
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    Welcome to all the newbies and thankyou all for sharing your stories. I love reading this thread and look forward to reading what everyone is up to, it's become part of my morning routine - coffee and reading this forum!

    I've jut gotten home from a month long holiday and am feeling incredibly jet lagged; wondering how much this will affect my cycle? Anyone else had any experience?

    @daisychain & cvdutch; i have thought about that too! I'm yet to use preseed/mucinex but am looking into purchasing both so am interested to see the answer to your questions.

    As for my ttc hisotry, trying for the first time and only on my second cycle off BC, currently in my fertile window - that is if I am ovulating. I've decided to give the OPK a whirl next month hoping that my cycle is back to normal.
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    @milasmama - Good luck! Sounds hopeful. Fingers crossed for you!

    @frangipani - Welcome to our thread! I'm another southern hemisphere dweller - I'm in Australia. My parents had a hard time conceiving me, too. Whenever I want to discuss baby names with my mum she gets a little funny because she's worried I'll take a long time to conceive as well. They took four years. Their problems were two-fold - contorted tubes and low sperm count. I think they both had surgery. Luckily nothing hereditary, so I'm hoping I don't follow in their footsteps. They conceived my brother two years later with no intervention.

    @alzora - We're heading into our fourth month trying. I'm well over it. Let's get pregnant, already!

    @rachel - Sorry to hear AF arrived Better luck next month.

    @khaatje - I'm sure you've already mentioned this, but where do you live?

    @cvdutch - I tried Robitussin (same as Mucinex) last month with no luck! I'm still deciding if I'll try again this month or not.
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    @December- I agree. Welcome to all the newcomers. (I'm sort of still one myself, I guess. ) And I agree, I like to read this forum during my precious few, quiet moments of each day. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night.

    @Alzora- This is my second cycle trying. (It feels like so much longer than that!) Probably because we talked about it for so long before we actually started trying.

    Seriously, this is my last post before vacation. I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July! (Especially you Sarah in Australia. ) May our SO's sperm light up our lady bits like fireworks in the night sky. Good luck to everyone still waiting to see if they can join the Jan-March baby forum!
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    @ alzora, I am getting impatient but I'm also kind of glad. I'll know soon enough if I'm not pregnant without taking a test, and I'm not super keen to see a BFN on a test. I still have my positive tests from Mila, that's probably a bit weird (at least they are the kind with caps over the test strip!) but I couldn't bring myself to throw away what was essentially the first time I knew about her.

    @ khaatje, do you mind me asking what country you are in? If I was a local it would be very similar here in terms of gossip I am sure. Heck there is enough of that as it is! I am just very glad we are married this time round. We were unmarried when I was pregnant in Malaysia and even though it is a pretty liberal state, the gossip was... not nice. I have actually ordered a bunch of pregnancy tests and prenatals online. I couldn't get them shipped directly here but had them sent to a friend in the UK. She sent them on to me about 2-3 weeks ago now, I think (I have a crap memory for these things). So in theory they could be here soon but sometimes mail is delayed by up to a couple of months - I'm not going to hold my breath.

    @ frangipani, hello and welcome! I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I am from New Zealand too, I'm a Wellingtonian born and bred. I still love Welly and miss living there so much.

    This is my first cycle TTC this time.
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