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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Welcome, Skarbassoona! I've never been pregnant myself, but I'm afraid of it, so when you and I get our positives, we can console each other through the rough patches and pump each other up.

    @stuffd, here's hoping!

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    I currently have two five year olds and a two month old. We have decided to try at the end of this year because it took so long for us to conceive our last and we don't really want another five year gap between our last and our next. Hope everything goes well for all TTC. Good luck with your baby making!

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    Hey all, checking in to see how everyone is doing. I'm 2dpo and going crazy already! I had an HSG a few weeks ago that showed both my tubes are open so that is good news. If we don't get our BFP this month, the next step is a blood workup and a sperm analysis for my husband (he is thrilled...).

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    I posted this as a separate thread, but wanted to pose the question to you ladies, specifically, as well.

    I've been wrestling with the idea of TTC so I thought I'd get some opinions from personal experience. For anyone who has miscarried, did you start TTC right away again or did you wait a cycle or few? What did your doctor advise? I did not have a D&C or D&E and my second ultrasound looked clean. Has anyone that had a natural miscarriage had a second that was attributed to getting pregnant too soon? That, of course, is my concern.

    Although she is an excellent OB/GYN (very highly recommended also) and very sensitive to my loss, I felt like we didn't get a definitive answer from my doctor, mostly just a suggestion. She said she generally advises waiting three months because that's what they (she and the other OBs in the practice) have discovered to provide the optimum emotional healing.

    At this point, I have allowed myself to grieve fully and not held back and I believe that has been immensely helpful. Although I miss my baby, the thought of getting pregnant again no longer bothers me. I am not trying to replace a baby, but I have not lost my desire for one. I've realized now that it might actually be more emotionally straining for me to force myself to wait 3 months than to just move forward and let things happen.

    Thoughts? Experiences??


    P.S. Congratulations to all of you who have gotten your positives! Very excited for you!!

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    @tvland, I'm very early in the two-week wait, too! Not sure when I ovulated, but I think it was Sunday. Still, I will give myself until Wednesday, the 27th, to test. I've had so many disappointments, that I have to say I don't expect anything this month either. We didn't try as frequently this month, but went every other day instead of every day, so that has me discouraged. I did try something different this month though. I tried putting my feet up afterward; the headboard of our bed has bookshelves in it, and I propped my feet up on top of those for about 15-20 minutes after we had sex each time, and waited a long time before using the bathroom afterward too, because I've heard that recommended. I know two separate women who each took two years to conceive, and they eventually learned from their doctors that they had tipped uteruses ("uteri" is correct but looks, and when they compensated by getting in different positions, they conceived. With my accident, who knows what mine looks like in there, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try.

    @virginialark, welcome to our thread! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I've never been pregnant before, so I can't relate to what you are going through, but it must have been so devastating to lose your baby. I don't want to answer your question one way or the other, simply because I'm not in the medical field, nor the mental health field, nor have I ever been in your situation, so my opinion would be uninformed speculation. But my thoughts are with you as you and your significant other decide your next step. Keep us posted!

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