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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Good luck Ktook76! Just wanted to share: My OBGYN told me that IHProffesionalO, 37 was the new 35, in terms of getting pregnant without additional assistance. I hope you get an extra special birthday present this year.

    On a random, side note: Hal will be turning 2 in October and I'm stuck on birthday party ideas for him. Please share with me what you planned for Harry. Last year I cooked, and had everyone over to our house to celebrate Hal's first and it was awful. I was cooking and cleaning for days- and then there were hurt feelings over who got to stay at our house vs. a hotel, etc. Lots of stress on me and hubby and Hal could have cared less! Anyway, my goal is not to do that again, so I would love to hear what y'all are doing. Thanks!
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    We had a Spot the Dog party for Mila's second. She (still) loves the Spot books. For her third we had a very small dragon-themed party. I am not that fussed on huge events for small children's parties so for us it's just cake, decorations, some finger foods, music and a few games. At that age I really think that's all you need. Nobody gets to stay over, in part because our house isn't big enough but also because I couldn't be bothered with that! Lol.
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    Good luck ktook!

    Welcome daisychain! Sorry to hear about your loss, that must have been devastating. Hopefully all your appointments go well and you will have success next time! I also have been having a lot of blood work, ultrasounds, and specialists appointments lately. Lots of fun - you know you go to the doctor too much when the receptionist knows who you are and doesn't need to see your health card (which we have to show every time in Ontario)!

    Speaking of appointments, saw my doctor last night and my abdominal ultrasound was normal. Bloodwork as far as TTC is concerned was normal (interesting - it was CD 14 of my first post-pill cycle and LH was still in the low end of follicular phase, nowhere near ovulation levels! Good thing I'm not wasting my OPKs yet). So those are good! Waiting to find out when my specialists appointments are.

    Sorry to those who got BFNs this week and good luck to those still waiting!

    It is the Canada Day long weekend this weekend so I am off to a cottage tomorrow for four days. Very excited for a mini break!

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    Thanks for the welcome, folks. I wouldn't say it's nice to be among others having trouble, because I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But it is nice to know others understand.

    Milasmama, I'm particularly sorry to hear about your losses. Late second trimester sounds absolutely unbearable. But you bore it, and you're trying again, which inspires me.

    Andieta, what sorts of specialists do you need to see?

    Frances322, can you hold an outdoor party in October where you live? I was expecting to be due in early January and was already stressing out about what that would mean for birthday parties!

    So it feels like I just keep getting bad news from my doctor. After the miscarriage, she did a blood panel (which I really should have done before getting pregnant) that showed I have low platelets and low thyroid. Anyone else have experience with this?

    So I have an appointment with an endocrinologist next week and a hematologist on the 17th. Until now, I thought I was a perfectly healthy person!

    Then, day before yesterday, the doctor calls with the results of the genetic testing she did. I was really not expecting any bad news on that front. But it turns out I'm a carrier for Tay Sachs AND Familial Dysautonomia!! WTF? These are very rare conditions that are recessive and are much more common in the Ashkenazi population than the general one. I'm only half Jewish, and find this particularly surprising. And two of them!

    So my husband's going in in an hour for testing. His ancestry is different, so it's extremely unlikely that he's also a carrier for either--although apparently approximately 1 in 50 Irish Americans is a carrier for Tay Sachs. Irish isn't a big part of his ancestry so hopefully that's ok.

    When I told my general practitioner I was pregnant, she said, 'Don't over medicalize your pregnancy. Enjoy it.' No such luck.

    Edited: medicalize, not medical ooze!!! Ah, iPhones and their senses of humor!
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    @frances322 - 2nd birthdays are hard. My son is a late summer baby... so we grilled out at a park. But it was so hot that for #3, we rented a room at a hotel and had a swimming party in the A/C. We have a lot of friends that have winter babies... the last 2 yr old party we went to was at a bouncy-house place. It was nice, but hectic. But it had a definitive time frame of 2 hours with an employee to herd the children around. that worked out really well.

    A lot of our other friends do the Pizza Party - pizza and cake and gifts and then that's it. And it's worked for 6 years. We're actually doing mini-golf with his school friends and the pizza party for family for his 5th birthday this year. I got a Groupon for the whole golf party, and wanted the family party to be super easy.

    In regards to family... there's only so much you can do. My in-laws never visit us. They never make an effort to come down. My parents help us throw the party and actually help with the party, so they get priority sleeping arrangements.

    Good luck.

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