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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Has any of you ladies had mid cycle spotting when not on BC? I got my positve on my wandfo strip today and I have been having twinges in my abdomen, then today out of nowhere, blood! This isn't normal for me but does it happen on occasion to some of you? It more spotting then anything else. I had an unusually heavy period this month, would this be tied to it?
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    @butterflykisses, I haven't personally but I have heard of spotting around ovulation, I think it is relatively common.

    @whitegold, we're in the same boat. I'm amazed how slowly time passes while TTC! So annoying. Just knock me up already I think I am extra impatient because we've already waited longer than I see as ideal, and if it takes us a while to conceive then the gap between Bub 1 and Bub 2 is going to be even bigger. I think that's the worst part - not knowing how long it is going to take. If someone could see into my uterus and say, "right, this is going to take 1 year" you could at least forget about it for a while!
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    Edit - I feel a little ridiculous posting about how upset I was feeling earlier. It's only been three months! I know there are plenty of ladies on this thread who have been trying for way longer than me. It's okay, my pity party is over! Onwards and upwards! Bring on July Good luck, girls.
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    Butterfly kisses - it is normal to have spotting around ovulation, according to Taking Charge of Your Fertility. As long as it's just light spotting and doesn't last for more than a couple of days and isn't bright red.

    Loveday - sounds like a good plan. The every other day all cycle method would have a very good chance of success if everything is healthy and you have the stamina to do it! You could also start charting your waking temperature every morning if you are quite concerned about whether or not you are ovulating. And a doctor's appointment is always safe to do, too!

    Milasmama - I agree, if only we could know exactly how long it would take to get pregnant! Ideally I would like to get pregnant next April, but I'm off the pill now because who knows if it will take me 3 months or 2 years to get pregnant?!

    Sarah - I don't think it's silly to start to lose patience already. I think a lot of us (young women in general) think that getting pregnant should be easy. Especially since we spend so long trying to prevent pregnancy!

    Alzora - thank you for the reassurance. I second what Emma said - you are so supportive of all of us, and I appreciate it! I'm sorry you are so down on TTC right now. What a discouraging journey so far, eh? I'm praying for you. Also, yes, I'm sure you are right that I will be able to tell what is fertile cervical fluid. I'm sure I've seen it before and it is noticeable! I'm having a harder time distinguishing between dry, sticky and creamy since there is so little of it right now. But, it's not actually a big deal. I know I want to track these things but it's not like I'm using FAM for birth control (when knowing these differences is important) and there is such a small chance of ovulation this month, it's not strange that my cervical fluid isn't what I thought it would be yet. Also, I'm really not that good at checking it.

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    Got my period today *yay* (not)
    Wishing better luck to you girls xoxo
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