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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Loveday, any signs of ovulation yet? Have you called your doctor or are you going to wait it out?

    @Violetink, ahh, your symptoms sound promising! But I totally understand not wanting to let yourself get excited. Aw...I hope this is your month!

    @Andrea, I have a feeling you will recognize fertile cervical mucus when you see it. I know that every woman is different, but for me it is something you couldn't miss.

    @Frances, hope you guys got a chance to make a solid attempt today. We always seem to run into problems too during the most significant days of the month.

    At the moment I am awaiting ovulation anytime between now and the end of next week. Currently feeling apathetic and hopeless with all things TTC. I have very little interest in it at the moment, and do not care about my impending fertile window. I'm coming to terms with the likelihood of my tubal infertility, and I frankly think that nothing we do this month will make a difference, so why bother getting excited. I'm not as depressed as this sounds; I'm actually doing fairly well overall, and just kind of numb toward the thought of TTC. On that note I am going to go grab a spoon and drown out my sorrows with a carton of Cookies & Cream ice cream.

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    Hang in there Alzora. I just wanted to say, it's really lovely how supportive you are toward everyone on this board. Clearly you have a nurturing streak, and I'm sure you'll be a great mama. By the way (as I'm sure you know) full-fat dairy is supposed to be good for fertility, so maybe if you eat enough ice-cream.... :-) I'll cross my fingers for you this month. Chin up.

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    12DPO. Pregnancy test negative. I know it's still early, but my period is due in two days and I feel out. I had a quiet cry this morning. I'm already over TTC and I've only been trying for three months.
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    I hate that BFPs are taking awhile for you girls!! Sending you lots of baby dust and hoping your TTC journey will end soon with happy news!

    I'm only on my first month trying and already losing patience! TTC is hard
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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    hi everyone - thanks for the concern and feedback on my OPK fail! still no positive. now 24 dpo and AF due on sunday (maybe. i've been various degrees of irregular over the last year). after doing some sussing out online i've decided to do 2 things: 1. chill out and 2. make a doctors appointment cause why not, right? it seems that this has happened to others and, as you guys also pointed out, it could be that i just missed my surge or that my surge wasn't picked up on the test. i am debating just completed detaching from all conscious ttc type planning and behaviour for my next cycle - just try to bd every other day, relax, enjoy life without a baby etc. came across some comments online from others who had problems with opk's and strongly encouraged this advice. that being said...if i'm not ovulating regularly - the sooner i know, the better. its hard to know what the right course of action is when you're a die-hard pessimist like myself! i'm a healthy, happy, fit woman with no family history of infertility so chances are, i am ovulating. right? sigh. right. or there are tumbleweeds blowing through my ovaries and i'm not.

    @sarahmezz: i am sending serious positive vibrations your way. you are in my thoughts. i must admit that i have a love/hate relationship with the term "baby dust"... but i just want to dump a truckload of baby dust on you right now. as many have said: it's not over until AF rears her head. and even then, its not over, just not the right time.

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