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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Oh, Alzora, your post made me cry. I'm not sure if I'm crying out of disappointment for you, or for what you survived, or your wonderful attitude, or just everything you wrote. Or maybe I just cry too easily. Anyway. Thank you for sharing. I'm proud of you for going out to celebrate life, even though it must be just so difficult not to stay in pity party mode.

    Okay, crying over.

    Hi Beatrix Daisy (Caroline) - welcome to our TTC thread! If you ever have any questions about ovulation, etc., feel free to ask. There is usually someone here with answers or suggestions. I'm also going to get on the bandwagon of recommending Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. I am in the middle of reading it now and I have found it so fascinating. (When I get into a book or an idea, I can become a little fanatical, and I think I'm in that spot right now. ) But anyway, it explains a lot about your cycle, your body, and all the hormones that go into ovulation and pregnancy, most of which I didn't know before.

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    grecianern Guest
    Hello Ladies. I'm so sad that things didn't work for you Alzora. But you're doing great! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    i have amazing news... we had our first ultrasound today. 8 wks. And everything is perfect!!!

    So perfect, it's actually TWICE as perfect!!! TWINS!!!

    they are measuring the same, and right on schedule. And each has the same heartbeat of 169 bpm. We are so happy and feeling so blessed. I've had twins on the brain all week... now I know why!

    I can't get the picture to load, so here it is on my blog:

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    Hello newbies! Good to see ya'll here!

    @whitegold, I used the kind at the store for a while, but did find the wandfo strips like the previous poster said to be the best value. And just as easy. I got 50 ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy tests for 21 dollars (it came in a pack). Grant it the pregnancy tests are not personally my favorite style (same as ovulation strips) small and strip style, when I actually get a positive I will re do it on a normal pregnancy test for the pictures in my future baby book. But the value is undeniably the best. After trying for as long as I have, I have no issues using the strips =) you can also just order the ovulation strips for even cheaper.

    @alzora, I'm sorry again for the sad news about AF but you still have reason to celebrate being alive and you have an awesome attitude about it!

    @Frances322, man I don't know what I would do if I were in your position... that's really tough...I guess fate will let you know soon...

    Quick update, I had a physical yesterday and it looks like I will be going to get a dye test to make sure that I drop my eggs properly. We have no reason to believe that I'm not. Its more of a precaution for if my husband and I decide to get the IUI technique done. We are feeling it out, we may try for another 6 months and if we are not pregnant then insemination may be the next best thing. We want to avoid this obviously.... so we are hoping for the best in these next few months.... =/
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    Grecienern - I saw on the pregnancy thread that you were having your ultrasound today - I am SO glad that everything looks good! And, CONGRATULATIONS! Twins! So happy for you! Hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

    Butterfly kisses - I hope your dye test goes well and you get good results. I also hope you get your BFP soon!

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    @grecianern that is terrific news!

    @alzora I understand your disappointment. New insurance kicks in in September, right? You could look at each passing month as a countdown... towards pregnancy, and towards certainty/a diagnosis. I.e. July... "maybe we're pregnant!" And if not, "only 2 more months until my workup and treatment plan!" Etc.
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