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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @sarahmezz: ohhh, ok, I misunderstood what you were saying. In that case, you sound covered to me! I thought you were saying that you were only trying the couple of days before the positive OPK and on the first day you got a positive. You're absolutely right that you're chances are better in the days leading up to it. It can be so frustrating with all the wondering and the what-if's, right? I almost wish we could get pregnant any time of any day... but I suppose that would cause some population issues considering all the fertile-Myrtle's out there!

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    @alzora I tested a week ago and it was a BFN. I'm going to wait Til this weekend and test again but i doubt I was lucky enough to conceive right after coming off the pill. I was so terrible with taking it at the same time and missing days and never had a scare/pregnancy. So this might take awhile!

    Hope your period is a no show!
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    A quick note about ovulation tests and timing: The OPKs test for a hormone surge that happens 48 hours before actual ovulation. My reproductive endocrinologist told me to have sex the day of a positive test, then have sex again 2 days later. That may be what y'all are doing, but I wasn't sure if I was reading your posts right. Just thought I'd share what my doctor told me to do, in case it could be helpful.

    @ alzora- I've been thinking about you the last couple weeks because I have been fighting the TIB peons like crazy lately ;-) I am happy to say that I won! Ha! I did a quick, end zone victory dance in my living room after getting off the phone with them for the last time. My son and dogs looked at me like I was crazy, and I kinda was. I got one bill adjusted from $360 to $140 and another bill adjusted from $800 to $400. They are not invincible! :-) What I've found is the best strategy is to be firm, but not rude. If you don't take their rehearsed answers to heart, and keep after them, they'll eventually transfer you to someone who can actually help. But it is a lot of work, and incredibly annoying.

    I have been thinking of, and praying, for all of you ladies here in the TTC trenches. I hope to hear a lot of good news soon!
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    Does anyone know about antibiotics? I'm not using the sticks (yet) to test for ovulation. My cycle is very regular, every 27-28 days, and this month our big day is on Wednesday, June 19th. I had to take a Z-pack last month and I've heard antibiotics can change when you ovulate. True of false?? Just wondering if this could be a possible stumbling block for us. Thanks and good luck to all! I hope AF is a no-show for those of you still waiting!

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    False. No change should be expected. Same with colds or other minor illnesses. If you're critically ill, the resultant stress response will temporarily shut down your gonadotropin axis, but unless you've undergone a very major operation or been in the ICU it's business as usual.
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