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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaatje View Post
    Here's (a version of) the boy's list, the one we struggle most with:,00648.html
    (Any advice on the names on there is very welcome)
    Wow I love a LOT of these names! I've met a lot of people with names from the list too. The others I'm pronouncing as if they're Hebrew words/names which I think is pretty close? What happens if you don't choose a name from the list? I'd love to see the girl's list (:

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    @Frances, dude, don't put too much stock in my posts! I'm no doctor; I just repeat what I read online. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about today's disappointment. I always take that pretty hard.

    @Grecianern, your mother-in-law's comment!!! What!!! You poor thing...the worst I've gotten, that I can remember, is my sister and mom telling me, "Well, you can just adopt," like it's no big loss.

    @Khaatje, I can't imagine having to choose a name off a relatively short list. Which country will you raise the child in? And if you are comfortable sharing, why does your mom not want you to get pregnant?

    @Sarah, good call on not testing early this month. That disappointment is a killer. Good luck with this attempt!

    @Christine, I don't have chronic pain issues, amazingly. I mean sometimes when I lie on my back for too long my pelvic bone gets sore. If you've ever ridden a horse, you'll understand what a sore pelvic bone feels like. I'm a little concerned about how it will feel to have a baby lying on my pelvic bone, but I'm willing to give it a go. I'm sorry to hear about the chronic pain you've lived with!

    @Milasmama, oh my goodness! You've been through so much trauma. I'm so sorry to hear about your struggle with anorexia and consequent health problems, but what a miracle that you were able to have Mila! I wish you luck as you sort out this vacation problem. Isn't it frustrating that our husbands don't pay attention to these timing issues?! Boys.... I don't expect my husband to memorize my body's schedule, but it would be nice if our men at least thought about such things once in a while.

    @Andrea, I never once thought that you "overshared." I too have discussed schedules and appointments at length, and I go into great unnecessary detail on all things TTC-related. And even non-TTC things. You're fine! Keep sharing. It's therapeutic for you, and we're all following each other's stories with interest. Others on our thread--even silent lurkers--may be relating to some of your specific issues.

    @Poppy, you know Hebrew pronunciations? I've had to Google lots of the obscure Old Testament names in the past to figure out how to pronounce them. If the question arises again in the future, perhaps you would be able to help me out?

    Today I'm about 10 DPO. I am trying to ignore all symptoms. Overall I feel the way I usually do at this point in my cycle, giving the feeling that my period is coming down the pike, but according to what Blade said, that means nothing yet. My knees are tense on and off, and my cervix feels crampy or pinchy on and off. My energy level is on the low side, but it's a gray and drizzly day here in PA, cool enough to wear long jeans and a jacket, and that kind of day makes anyone feel lazy and blah.
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    @poppy: a lot of the names on the list are actually of Hebrew origin; Adam, Yacoub, Ibrahim, Yahya, Yusuf, etc. pronouncing them the Hebrew name would be pretty close, only the vowels seem to have changed (not very surprising since Hebrew and Arabic script usually leaves out the vowels) I think these names are also most useable internationally, as opposed to Arab names like Abderrahman, Elghazouani, etc., but I do like the Arab names Sabri and Zaid
    If you don't choose a name of the list, they don't register the child, so really no choice.
    The girls list is so much more useable:,00649.html
    I love the story of Asiya, the wife of the Farao who took care of Moses. She is considered one of the four most important women in Islam. But on the list it's spelled Assia, which is on nameberry's "what not to name your baby list". Still most of my favorite girlsnames are on there, so I'm not too worried

    @Alzora: My mom always put her career before us, but I was naive enough to think she would be happy to have grandchildren. She said she didn't have the time or energy for grandchildren, and wouldnt want any for a long time. Í can handle it, but the though of her making my children feel like they come in second place upsets me a lot. But no point worrying about that now, getting healthy and pregnant is far more important at the moment. And hang in there the next couple of days, the wait is almost over for this month!

    @Andrea: Alzora is right, keep sharing, we want to know!

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    Aw, thanks alzora and khaatje! Appreciate it!

    Khaatje - The name list is interesting! Good luck! Also, I'm sorry to hear of your mother's opinion on grandchildren. That is very sad. Maybe she will feel differently when there is a baby in her arms? But either way, you are right, getting healthy and pregnant is the most important thing right now.

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    Still no AF. Nipples have been extremely sensitive for a week now. Cramping is on and off. CM is kind of creamy. Not abundant though. I've been getting like hot flushes just in my face for the past 2 days. Literally my face (mostly cheeks) turn super red out of nowhere. I'm not hot but my face is burning (although I'm not sweating either) it's odd. I'm not stressed or anything... I've heard that quitting BC mid cycle can mess up your cycles but omfg this is ridiculous! /end rant.

    How was everyone's weekend?
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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