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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora HOLY COW, your accident sounds so horrible (to put it mildly). I can't imagine how tough you must be from going through all of that! I sometimes let myself wallow for a bit because I have some chronic back issues from severe scoliosis as a child (and nearly all of my spine is fused to 2 titanium rods) but that's nothing compared to what you've been thru! Do you have any ongoing pain issues? That's been the toughest part of pregnancy for me, balancing the need to treat my chronic pain with the safety and health of the baby. Very, very tough.

    @grecianern: I haven't seen the details of your current situation but it sounds pretty similar to mine. I had a miscarriage with my last pregnancy and I'm now just about 14 weeks pregnant for the second time. It's been so incredibly difficult to constantly wonder what's going on in there and is baby ok. How far along are you? It was torture for me to make it to the 8 week ultrasound and then the 12 week - but things looked good both times. But now we have to wait for the anatomy scan at around the 20 week mark and that's 40 days away (but who's counting?? HA). So hard but I try to take one day at a time as best I can. And I try not let myself fall down the rabbit-hole of all the what-if's. Stress isn't good for me and baby so I try to limit it when I can!

    Pregnancy #1: lost to mc, 10/11

    Amelia Joelle arrived on 11/28/13 at 7 pounds, 4 ounces of pure beauty. Couldn't be happier to finally be mama!

    Baby #2 - another GIRL! - due 8/1/16

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    Hi All,
    AF arrived officially this morning. Going to let myself be sad today and then try again later this month.

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    @ december, according to conventional dietary wisdom dairy is probably fine. However I follow a slightly unconventional diet which tends to be fairly skeptical of dairy: Although like I mentioned, I do currently eat it, just in the same way other people eat chocolate - not for the health benefits!

    @ alzora, wow. That's an incredible story, you must be a very strong person. I have quite a long medical history too although quite different. I had anorexia in my teens which lead to several heart attacks (& therefore heart damage), damage to my bones & reproductive system and a brain injury... among other things! Obviously it did not prevent me from either being pregnant or giving birth in the end

    @frances322, sorry to hear that. I know it's stating the obvious, but it's so frustrating that you only get a few days to try and then you have to wait another month. It would be a lot easier in some ways to be fertile all month long! Lol. Best of luck for next month.

    I just found out today that DH has booked us a mini-break on another island next week, smack bang during my fertile window. For a lot of you this would be a good thing, except that he has only booked us a double room and there are 3 of us :/ Usually if we go away for a few days I don't mind Mila snuggling in with us as it saves having to convince her to sleep in a strange bed, but this time I'm not thrilled about it. I haven't actually told him those are my fertile days because I don't want to put the pressure on him. Sigh... Going to try and somehow convince him to upgrade.
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    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

    If I had a baby tomorrow...
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    Milasmama – thank you! I’m glad at least one went well too! And I guess the second wasn’t that bad, really. And thank you for sharing a bit about your medical history – That must have been so scary as a teenager. I’m glad that there haven’t been long term consequences on your fertility!

    Cvdutch/ Christine – thank you for sharing your experience with genetics! I hadn’t thought about needing my husband’s family history, although that makes sense. I wonder if it’s a little different for me since it’s not because of miscarriages but rather because of a genetic condition I have? And no one else in my family seems to have. I will definitely message you if I have questions later. Thanks! PS I am so happy to hear that things are so far going well for you in this pregnancy! PPS I also have scoliosis but luckily never needed surgery. I can imagine you must be in a lot of pain. I hope you are easily able to manage the pain during your pregnancy.

    Alzora – thank you! From what I understand, a genetics appointment is to figure out if you or your husband have any genes that will affect a future baby. Usually after repeated miscarriages or if you or your husband have a genetic condition. That’s the reason I’m going – to see if my Klippel Feil requires special precautions before getting pregnant (extra folic acid, for e.g.) or whether it will or how it will affect any future babies. It’s also quite rare so I’m hoping to just learn a little about it too!

    Casilayne – I’m sorry your mom was insensitive. That’s rough. I’m with you on eating a can of frosting! I bought some yesterday to make a cake for next weekend and I started to eat the frosting right out of the can. Luckily (or unluckily), it turned out not to be the flavour I like, so I won’t actually be eating the whole thing. In university, my sister and I would frequently buy a can of frosting just to eat as dessert. Haha.

    Grecienern – thanks for the tip about swimming when pregnant. I like how you described everything floating! I am glad to hear you are feeling good. Good luck with your appointment next week and hope the wait isn’t too stressful.

    Khaatje – that is pretty cool that your child will be Roma/Moroccan with dual Dutch/Moroccan citizenship. What type of name requirements do the countries have? (other than 2 names)

    Saramezz – wishing you luck these next few days!

    Frances – sorry to hear about AF. Hope next month is better!

    I ordered Wondfo and Taking Charge of Your Fertility on Thursday night, I'm looking forward to getting it! Happy weekend everyone!

    ETA - I realized that I am the only person who shares detailed lists and dates of appointments - sorry for that! I find sharing lists makes me feel less overwhelmed, so thank you for indulging my overshare!
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    @sarahmess (and milasmama) good luck this month!! I'm hoping for happy news in a couple of weeks for the both of you... and everyone else on here as well!!

    @andieta; the Dutch law only states you can't use a surname as a first name (which seems to be a big thing in the US) and the name can't be insulting (so Hitler, lucifer and swear words are out). Plenty of names left, however.... the Moroccan government has a (controversial!) lists of names, only names (inc. the spelling) on that list are allowed. To make matters worse, the list changes at rabdom without pre-announcement, and half the names on there areimpossible to spell/pronounce by non-Arabs. Here's (a version of) the boy's list, the one we struggle most with:,00648.html
    (Any advice on the names on there is very welcome)

    @blade: this list is the reason I spell Luqman Lokmane (I like the "normal" Arab spelling much better)

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