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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora, When I was underweight my doctors mentioned it could reduce my fertility. However I wasn't TTC at the time so it wasn't a big concern for me. I guess it depends if that's a natural state for your body or not (it wasn't for me). Your accident sounds horrible! I am so glad you were able to recover. Do you have any idea if it will affect being pregnant or giving birth?
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    RE: what to eat while trying to get pregnant, I may be naive but I thought dairy was a good thing? Is this something I should be avoiding? The articles I've read suggest full cream dairy (which i secretly love) but I had no idea dairy was a no-no...
    In general, i've cut back on my caffeine intake, only having a weak instant coffee in the mornings as well as cutting out soft drink and 'diet' products... though i must admit, i am still eating too much chocolate!
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    @Alzora, Thanks I might as well do something productive. Well, I mean, besides trying to make a baby

    My mother. I love her. But she's a goober. There is a lot going on in my family right now. I have one brother in the hospital and one who has special needs that is not doing well. It's been a lot to take in and to take on. So, I say all of that to say: I mentioned this morning that AF arrived. She sighed heavily and said, "I really needed you to be pregnant this month. I really needed something good to happen." My first thought was to respond, "Sorry to disappoint you..." But I try to be nice to my mother, even when she's being a goober, so I didn't say much. I know she didn't mean it personally, but it didn't help the situation.

    So, now I'm pmsy, can't fit into my fat pants, and my mother is disappointed in my uterus...I am going to eat the WHOLE can of frosting today...and try to lose 10 lbs starting tomorrow.

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    @gracianern; good to hear your feeling good, did you have any more tests/check ups?

    @milasmama; I've cut out coffee, wild mint (probably not a very common herb outside of the meditereanian) and nsaid painkillers, even though our resident doctor blade said they are unlikely to cause any harm. I am now waiting to TTC because I'm getting some minor surgery done on my hip, and the radiation from the X-rays can def. cause harm. I'm scheduled for June 20, so my wait is almost over

    @alzora; I love the gilmore girls and would so use 5 of my favorite names on a child, but we're restricted to max. 2 names by law. On top of that, my husband thinks one name is all a person uses and needs (he kind of has a point but I hate to agree on this one)

    @blade; for the second month in a row I'm spotting 4 days before AF, is my progesterone dropping too soon? I've read online many women experience this, so I didn't see the need to see a doctor about it. (And will save me money on pregnancy tests )

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    @Milasmama, it was a big one, back in 2010:

    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    Brain injury
    Broken nose
    Fractured vertebrae in the neck
    Ten broken ribs
    Two collapsed lungs ("traumatic pneumothorax without open wound into thorax")
    Spleen went to be with Jesus ("Spleen laceration extending into parenchyma without mention of open wound into cavity")
    Pelvis was shattered to smithereens (paraphrased)
    Urethra and vagina were each sliced in half
    Bladder...I don't know what happened to it exactly but the urologist later told me that it was beyond recognition
    And lastly, blood blood blood. Blood everywhere.
    All of the injuries are 100% healed, though my pelvis is permanently lopsided (making one leg shorter than the other, though I'm still not sure which leg), and has a screw in it. It remains to be seen whether any of it will have an effect on pregnancy and delivery, or even conception. There are concerns about whether my Fallopian tubes are blocked from scar tissue, but I can't have a test to find out until after September. The thought of being pregnant after all of that is kind of scary. I'm kind of afraid I might die--I don't have any specific reasons to back that up, but things were pretty delicate inside of me for a while there, and I've learned that problems can come out of left field and blindside you. But my doctors gave me the green light and I'm trusting in Providence. God kept me alive when none of the surgeons expected me to live till morning. He can keep me alive through a pregnancy and labor too. That doesn't mean that he WILL, but it's not mine to determine when I will die, and I can't let that fear stop me from living my life. Doctors plan for me to deliver vaginally if I do get pregnant, as a C-section would have increased risks of bleeding and damage to the bladder. Of course, a C-section would still be a last resort if the situation called for it. My ovaries and uterus were miraculously untouched in the accident.

    @Casilayne, I think TTC is one of the most emotional things a woman can go through, and while going through it you really learn which of your relatives and friends have tact and which don't. I'm not saying they don't care, but some of them sure can come up with the worst possible responses, can't they? I almost have to give some of them credit for being so good at finding the wrong thing to say. When did tact go out the window?

    @Khaatje, where do you hail from?
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