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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @sarahmezz, that's interesting about the Robitussin, I never knew that! I wonder what my chances are of finding any here - I don't rate my chances, lol. I did know that low-fat dairy decreases fertility, I usually always eat/drink full-fat but we did buy low fat milk this week accidentally. I would really like to quit drinking milk altogether but I would really miss it in cups of tea or coffee. Yoghurt and cheese, I'm trying to do without.
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    I think summer pregnancies are miserable... especially if you're a little overweight to begin with. With my son, born July 2008, I swelled up horribly due to the heat. It was painful. And I drank tons of water, and was doing everything I could to get rid of the swelling. My doctor recommended swimming. So on top of drinking a ton of water, being full of liquids, I then had to surround myself with liquids. And you know what? It worked.

    Since being pregnant and having my diabetes return, and adding in high blood pressure, even after losing 25 pounds, I still swell up occasionally. My doctor put me on a "water pill" and it helped. But once we started TTC, I had to stop that pill. It's dangerous to developing babies. So, I've been off of that almost a year... Now that I'm pregnant again, even early at 7 weeks, I'm already swelling up when it's hot.

    I'll take being pregnant any time, but I'm kind of excited about having the last half of this pregnancy in the Fall/early winter.

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    @sarahmezz and anyone else working the dietary angle - I wanted to throw this out there because I had NO idea until a friend mentioned it to me a couple of months ago but be sure to avoid large quantities of soy too. You probably know this one already but just in case. It's complicated and way over my head but soy somehow causes our bodies to produce extra estrogen (or something that mimics it) which in turn lowers our chances of conceiving... errrr something like that anyway.

    @milasmama - it doesn't have to be Robitussin, what you need to find is any brand of medicine that contains guaifenesin - and preferably, no other active ingredients (many times it comes mixed with things like pseudoephedrine and you want to avoid that). I used this trick and got pregnant the very first month of trying it (though I'll add I was also using an OPK). I'm a big fan of giving it a shot because it can't hurt!

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    @Milasmama, yeah, I'm gonna need more than triplets to use up all the fabulous names out there. I'm going to have to do what Sookie did on Gilmore Girls...she gave her last child all the names she didn't get to use. She named her daughter Martha Janice Laurie Ethan Rupert Belinda Carson Daisy Danny. And yes, I did have to Google that full name.

    @Whitegold, I've never yet tried to feel my cervix, though I considered it yesterday after doing all that reading about it. I'm afraid of giving myself an infection or something. I know that as long as I wash my hands beforehand it should be fine, but I feel like things in there are so sensitive, encased so deeply inside the body for a reason, and I'm reluctant to intrude upon it with my finger. But I know lots of women do it and are fine...I just found a whole website about getting to know your cervix. But also...if I start feeling my cervix, I will forever be checking it during the TWW, and that's all I need is yet another symptom to analyze! But it is fascinating to know that it changes throughout the cycle like that.

    @Frances, superb use of the TWW abbreviation. You nailed it. You mentioned the need to do pregnancy tests early in the morning when your urine is most concentrated. I had heard that somewhere before--I think I read it in the instructions that came with my tests--and just yesterday I found an abbreviation for it! FMU means "first morning urine." So there's another one to add to your TTC lexicon! Another word on that, though. I don't know if you're using ovulation tests that you pee on to see when you are ovulating, but I read that those tests should NOT be done first thing in the morning. The luteinizing hormone that they test for is more concentrated in your urine later in the day. So pregnancy tests = FMU. Ovulation tests = LAU...I just made that up, and it means late afternoon urine. I know, I've outdone myself. My wordsmithing brilliance overwhelms me.

    @Casilayne, wishing you luck on the weight loss goal this month! Sounds good to have a productive distraction.

    @Andrea, oh man, two appointments out of the way, but now you have a list of NEW appointments that you have to make. I hope everything is found to be alright. A few of you keep talking about genetics appointments. What does that mean?

    @Blade, that clears up SOOO many questions that I've had each month for the past 10 cycles! I knew, because you told me before, that pregnancy symptoms never start to appear until after implantation, but then I didn't know what to make of all the PMS symptoms I was having way earlier than that. I thought perhaps they negated the possibility of implantation that month. My brain over-complicates things.

    @Milasmama, I don't have a TTC diet, but in the first few months of trying to conceive, I made very careful food choices during each TWW in case I was pregnant. I would buy healthier groceries (not that we typically buy UNHEALTHY groceries, but I took it up a notch), and I would make a more conscious effort to hit each of the food groups daily. I even bought organic foods for a month or two. But after 10 months of eating for a baby that has never been there, I've thrown the towel in. This month's TWW diet has consisted of grilled cheese for lunch--as opposed to salad, yogurt and fruit that I would have had in the earlier TWWs--and dairy everywhere I turn, with some taco casserole thrown in. It may not be ideal, but I've given up on the idea of changing my normal (moderately healthy) lifestyle until I KNOW that a baby is on board. I do take prenatal vitamins every day. I have never drank alcohol or coffee, I've disliked soda since childhood (carbonized drinks feel like swallowing nails!), and my daily beverages are only water or Ovaltine. My husband and I never have candy or desserts or chips in the house, and a typical snack for us is either carrots and Ranch dressing or low-cal microwave popcorn. In short, there's really nothing I would need to cut from my diet, only things I would need to add (or, more likely, replace). I am, however, underweight, but my doctors never bring it up as a concern so I presume it's alright.

    @Sarah, I had no idea that full-fat dairy would be a better choice for TTC! I've been drinking 1%. That's one easy change I could make.

    @Cvdutch and Grecianern, I hope you are both feeling well! Grecianern, your post reminded me of swimming orders I once got from a doctor too...completely irrelevant to TTC, but a fun memory. Two months after my accident, the orthopedic surgeon who fixed my pelvic bone told me that I was allowed to use my legs again but I would have to relearn to walk. He let me try walking there in his office, and I ended up ridiculously hobbling along the bed with him holding me up. Since it was the middle of summer, he recommended that I try walking in a friend's pool. What an incredible difference water can make! I was able to walk back and forth in the shallow end of a pool like nothing had ever happened! But as soon as I came out of the water it was back to limping and tripping and falling. I refused to go back to outpatient therapy (after being trapped at a horrid rehab center for 11 traumatizing days), and it took two weeks to teach myself to walk again. The limp hung around for two or three more months, but I faked it a little longer because it was fun.

    I apologize for my digression, but when you brought up the therapeutic value of water it sent me down memory lane. What a joy it is to be able to walk on one's own two feet. That moment when your brain tells your feet to walk somewhere and they just do it...that is amazing.

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    @alzora love the Gilmore Girls mention! I'm a huge fan of that show lol always loved that Sookie used all of her favorite names on Martha.. Until she got pregnant again!
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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