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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Mar 2013
    So I think AF is on its way. The DH and I were getting down to business last night and when I was on top it was quite uncomfortable. Cervix has probably dropped. So AF will probably be here soon! Then we can start trying for real!

    @milasmama I absolutely adore Elodie Isis! It's gorgeous!!
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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    So, I'm back for another month, hoping this will be the one. I used to think I'd hate to be pregnant in the summer (especially very pregnant) and that I'd much rather have a newborn in the winter months. This is still true, but of course, I don't really care. I obsess over what my EDD would be each month, and giving birth in March sounds pretty good. Crossing my fingers for this month.
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    If I conceived this month my EDD would be 8th of March - my mother's birthday is the 7th! Then again I had Mila at 37 weeks (spontaneously) so I don't want to rely on that date too much.
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    If I had a baby tomorrow...
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    Hi everyone!
    My DH and I are trying for baby #3! I got my IUD out on Monday and if this go around is anything like the last two I'll be pregnant very soon! My 6 yr old was conceived while I was still on the pill and my 3 yr old was conceived just days after I got my IUD removed.

    It seems that I have absolutely no problem getting pregnant, I do however have problems carrying a baby full-term. DS1 was born at 32wks due to pre-eclampsia, a complete abruption, and HELLP syndrome. DS2 was born at 36wks due to a shortened cervix and premature rupture of membranes. My OB told me to count on 8mo of pregnancy at the most with this next one. I'm hoping to get pregnant before my 32nd birthday this summer. Because of my previous pregnancy history I want to be done having kids by my 35th birthday. I'm already high risk, I figure there's no need to add to it.

    Good luck to all!

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    @Violetink and Milasmom, thank you for sympathizing with my insurance woes and medical billing woes. Your posts got me so fired up that I called the healthcare system and attempted to fight the bill. Lol...guess how well that went. Guess who will still be paying a stupid bill. Guess who's in a foul mood now. It's really only a co-pay, and a small one at that, but it's the principle of the thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by whitegold View Post
    Cervix has probably dropped.
    Cervix dropping...that is so eye-opening to me! I feel so stupid. I'm shamefully uninformed when it comes to the female body--my mom never gave me The Talk (thank goodness) and I never had much interest in researching some of these details--but when you posted this I did some Googling and learned what the cervix does throughout the month. THAT must be the monthly "achy vagina" that I always whine about on here during the latter half of my two-week wait. It must be my cervix getting low and hard...? Do you guys ever feel that? It's not a bad ache, just a mild...sensation. Maybe I shouldn't even call it an ache. It's just a distinct premenstrual feeling in there that always alerts me to my impending period like five days before it comes.

    @Rachel, good luck with this cycle!

    Welcome, @Mylittleking! I hope you do get pregnant very quickly...and share some of that good luck with the rest of us on the thread! I look forward to hearing your updates.

    @Milasmom, Elodie Isis is beautiful. I particularly like Isis. My Name of the Day is a combo I just came up with last night. Nella Vienna. Is it over-the-top vanilla-ie? I texted it to my twin and friend, who both told me that it sounds like a vanilla wafer, but they also both said that they love it. I'd have no qualms about giving my kid a name that sounds like a cookie...and I like how it sounds with our last name. I've loved the name Nella ever since coming across it when I was eighteen in a reference to Harlem Renaissance novelist Nella Larsen.

    Sometimes I wish I didn't love the name Narnia so much, because it takes all the fun out of looking for other names. I'll regret it forever if I don't use Narnia, but as a name enthusiast--and a sucker for girl names in particular--it's in my bones to keep dreaming up new options, and knowing that my first daughter is most likely already named just kind of puts a damper on the whole thing. Do you guys feel that way about your favorite names? Do you ever wish you didn't have favorites picked out yet?

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