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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    P.S. @Caseymay: Jubilee = awesome name for a girl. You may also like Jubal for a boy (Hebrew name, mentioned in Genesis 4:21). There was an old man in one episode of The Andy Griffith Show named Jubal and it struck me as particularly fabulous.

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    Welcome @caseymay! I don't have any helpful bits or advice to share, but I'm wishing you the best and look forward to what you find out as you continue to TTC!
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    @Violetink, are you on the Blue Cross Special Care plan? If so, they SAY that all infertility screening is 100% covered up to the point of a diagnosis. BUT here's the clever loophole they've made for themselves: Fertility clinics bill all infertility screening under a diagnostic code of infertility. That's just how clinics HAVE to bill it--every office I've talked to. If infertility is what you are being tested for, then their only option is to bill it under one of the infertility codes. But the dumba$$es over at Blue Cross look at that code and say, "Oh, she has been diagnosed with infertility, so we won't cover that." Even though you HAVEN'T been diagnosed yet--the tests are for the purpose of finding the problem--Blue Cross claims that the code of infertility means that you HAVE been diagnosed and therefore they will not pay. I cannot tell you how angry this whole scenario makes me.

    As for your one visit to the gynecologist per year, I have the same thing, AND...this makes me angry too...back in like March I went for my annual exam with the gynecologist. I was assured that the whole thing would be covered. So when I got to the doctor's office, she did the exam and then I proceeded to ask her questions about fertility. Later, I was billed for an office visit. Blue Cross informed me that the clinic had billed for one annual exam PLUS one office visit because I had asked the doctor questions above and beyond what constitutes a normal annual exam. I only asked like two questions that took no longer than five minutes for her to answer. I think that is just low and greedy.

    Awesome that you are going to be an English teacher, and even more awesome that you're taking creative writing classes! I wish you luck in your profession and in your writing.
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    Far out, girls, there's a lot of action on this thread!

    @milasmama - My husband and I definitely want to find out the sex of our baby, but we're not going to tell anyone else except maybe immediate family members (if they want to know). You've got to have some surprises to announce! Personally, I'm hoping for a girl, because that will eliminate problems such as naming (husband is dead set on naming a son Samuel James after his father and himself) and the circumcision discussion (husband wants baby boy circumcised). A girl would avoid those issues! Also, I could use my favourite name ever - Susannah!

    @butterflykisses and whitegold - Sorry to hear this month isn't your month. Good luck for next month!

    @caseymay - Sounds like we're in a similar boat! We got married last August and I've been off birth control since January. We've been actively trying since April. Good luck, hope you get your positive soon!
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    Hi Caseymay-
    I don't have any advice, but I can offer the true story of my SiL and my brother- they tried for 11 months to get their first. They both went to doctors and were told nothing was really 'wrong,' but they also were not 'superstars' either. They finally got pregnant with their first and as my SiL was in her mid-thirties, and they wanted a large family, they started trying soon after my niece was born. They are now expecting their 3rd child and will have 3 children under the age of 3. It is craziness at their house right now. Which is just what they wanted, but have faith. Sometimes it really does just take a year!!

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