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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @handler, welcome! I understand your concern, and am not medically qualified to reassure you in any way, but I hope you get a big surprise next month. I'm sorry to hear about your first lost baby.

    Hoping to see some BFPs on here this week! I'm in my ovulation week (and it really is like a full week, as my cycle can range from 24-31 days). My husband and I are just going to kind of take it easy, perhaps not try every day but just relax about the whole thing this month. This time around we could take it or leave it; if we don't conceive, we'll have more time to be in our honeymoon phase, and if we do conceive, we will be elated with the new development. It's a win-win situation I guess.

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    grecianern Guest
    Alright... AF is due tomorrow. And while my brain is pretty set on the "not pregnant" outcome due to my crazy cycle last month, the rest of me is seeing things that may mean nothing. I mean, it's been over 4 years since I was pregnant. I don't remember a lot about the pregnancy except sharp breast pain convincing everyone that I needed a test, my craving for coffee flavored everything and the horrible swelling. and the delivery. That's about all I can remember with clarity.

    So, now that I am having breast pain in my right breast (its been the left one with PMS), and random muscle pain across my lower abdomen from left to center (without my stretching or even moving), along with being tired all the time and having to go to the bathroom all the time - my hopes are so high. My heart wants to plan a Valentine's reveal to my husband, my brain is bitch-slapping my heart into listening. Crazy I know. All are PMS symptoms. What am I doing to myself?

    But every twinge leads me to believe the AF is arriving and that I need to make plans for the next cycle. And I am just so confused, and sad. Again. And I don't feel like I can put this on my blog. Or talk to anyone else about this. So I am voicing my hopes and fears here. Even just to have them out there in the world.

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    Grecianern, I know that feeling of excitement, dread, and impatience. I hate the two-week wait! I truly hope you find good news tomorrow. We need some positive news on this thread! Hang in there, and keep us updated.

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    Good luck, Grecianern!

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    Good luck today, @grecianern! My fingers are crossed for you.
    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

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