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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by andieta View Post
    And then a still to be scheduled genetics appointment.
    Good luck my dear.
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    Took test this morning and BFN. Not surprised. Nipples have been super sore for a couple of days and light cramping so maybe AF will finally show up soon! The hardest part? I had a dream last night that I took a test and it was positive. I was so happy and totally woke up thinking it was a sign. More like my subconscious really hoping for it! Booooo

    Anyone track their CM? I've been on BC for 8 years and tracking cm is still new. My cm for two days has been sort of wet with white clumps in it. No smell and no irritation due to it. What stage am I at in my cycle? Period soon? Or what? Or is it different for everyone? It was creamy with a bit of a yellow tinge before this started. Any ideas?

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    @Seirenreign, Verity Faith is such a pretty name!

    @Butterflykisses, I hate when the last few days before a period drag on longer than you expect. It's so nerve-wracking! But I'm hoping yours isn't coming.

    @Milasmama, I've put a lot of thought into whether we would find out the sex of a baby. My husband would like to, because he thinks it's nice to be prepared with either girl baby things or boy baby things. I think I would like to find out as well, for two reasons. I can't WAIT to decorate a nursery, and the project would be more fun if I could do a gender-specific nursery. Also, since I have my heart set on a girl, I would want to find out what I'm having before giving birth so I could get myself all psyched for a boy. I really would adore a son--sometimes my preference even switches to that--but I'm afraid that if I give birth and am hoping to hear "It's a girl!" I will be ever so slightly disappointed to hear otherwise. I don't want to feel an ounce of disappointment in that moment, so I think it would be best for me to find out beforehand and be fully prepared for whichever the little darling is.

    Sorry to hear about your vitamin confusion. That's aggravating!

    @Frances, I apologize for throwing around abbreviations! I generally hate all internet abbreviations for exactly that reason--not everyone is familiar with them, and I believe that communication should be as clear as possible in all circumstances--but I've begun using some of them against my better judgment. It's a bad habit, but they are convenient. Here's the rundown:

    TWW means "two-week wait," which is the time frame from ovulation to your period.
    DPO means "days past ovulation" (so implantation usually occurs between 7 to 10 DPO).
    CD means "cycle day," with CD 1 being the first day of your period.
    AF means "Aunt Flo," a colloquial term for your period.
    OPK means "ovulation predictor kit," which are tools to help you know when you are ovulating.
    BBT means "basil body temperature."
    CM means "cervical mucus."
    BC means "birth control."
    BFN means "big fat negative," and BFP means, of course, "big fat positive."
    DH means "dear husband," DS means "dear son," DD means--can you guess?--"dear daughter."
    Am I forgetting any?

    I'm sorry to hear that your period is on its way. But really, the acne doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't pregnant. Hoping you get a surprise!

    @Whitegold, I'm sorry about the disappointment. That sucks after such a hopeful dream. As for the cervical mucus question, you'll get a more accurate answer from those who have read Take Charge of Your Fertility, but for me, I tend to only have it right around ovulation. It dries up after I ovulate. I think I do get very light traces of clear cervical mucus right before my period starts, but barely an amount worth noting.

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    Thanks @alzora! I need to pick up that book, I see it mentioned on a lot of TTC forums!
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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    Hello everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been keeping up with you all. Just wanted to say get well to all of you who are sick and good luck to everyone that is going in for tests!

    This month marks one year since I stopped birth control, and honestly I’m a bit discouraged. This time last year I was excited at the possibility of having a baby soon and now all of this time has passed and I’m not even pregnant. I find myself getting increasingly jealous of friends and relatives who are announcing pregnancies, and then simultaneously hating myself for acting that way. Not to mention, in the past two months my husband and I haven’t even had the chance to TTC because of my recent pelvic infection and subsequent bladder infections that followed that lovely adventure…

    Anyway, in an effort take back control of my life/health I have started using the Wondfo test strips. They are extremely helpful and the price is awesome! When I told my husband how much they were compared to the Clear Blue strips he pretty much ordered them himself. LOL we are savers so he’s always excited when we are able to cut corners.

    I’ve also decided to go back to college in the fall. I’ve finally decided what I want to do when I grow up (while continuing to write stories on the side), and hopefully taking classes again will help to distract me from my want of a baby for at least a while.

    As for the gender preference question, I have always dreamed of having a little girl, but lately I find myself enchanted with the idea of a little boy with my husband’s curly hair and big brown eyes. I'd also be too impatient to wait to find out the gender.

    Thanks for letting me rant, ladies. Hopefully I didn’t bore you to tears! Here’s to hoping that we get a whole slew of BFPs this month!
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