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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @alzora meaning behind a name makes such an incredible bond with it! I love it! I have yet to read the chronicles of Narnia, but I think I will move that up my TBR pile! I hope you get to use it soon!

    @milamama thank you! I've always adored Eleanor. It's a classic, and so timeless! I just hate how popular it is getting! As for my DH and the names, he's on board. He is not really in to names or has any favorites so it was easy to sell him on these names. However, I won't be able to change my mind now because he says he can't picture our firsts not being named Eleanor and Milo! Lol sorry about Delphine! Gorgeous name!

    @butterflykisses I keep going back and forth over what gender I would love first. My DH wants a boy but deep down I feel like I want a girl because I ADORE Eleanor more! And even though the boys middle name is after my grandfather (Wilfred) there's no rush to use it because it is the middle name of a lot of male members! I hope we both have girls first and soon!! Hehe p.s I've told a few friends my names so they don't use them lol but I will not tell everyone! Don't want to give them ideas! Lol
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    @ Alzora - I was just talking to my husband last night about how he thought our dog would react to a baby in the house. He is such a spoiled little thing, and the center of my attention right now (except for my husband of course haha!). However, he's really good with our nieces and nephews, and is generally very easy going around babies. I know it will be different once there's a baby in the house full time though. We'll see!

    @ Sarah - Sorry about your tonsillitis! I had my tonsils removed when I was younger, because they were always bothering me and I was frequently sick! I remember how uncomfortable they were though. Not exactly a good time to take advantage of being fertile...
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    @whitegold my DH wanted a boy. He obviously got a girl, and she has him completely wrapped around her little finger! lol. I think once they're here, you can't imagine life any other way.

    @nowakasia I don't have a dog, but even with friendly dogs I'd be more concerned about the baby's safety if the dog became jealous, than the dog itself. I get that people love their dogs a whole lot, though.
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    Hi everyone,

    Just checking in to see how you all are doing, what did I miss?!?! Any May BFPs?! Alzora, how's TIB?
    Havent been around much during my EWW (eight-week-wait), but I'm finally scheduled to go to the O.R. next week, and got my first ever OPK last week
    This means that by the time I've recovered in a week or two, we can start trying right away! I'm so happy to be on the TTC train with you ladies, keep em updates coming!

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    This article was really interesting so I thought I'd share: Why Finnish Babies Moslty Sleep In Cardboard Boxes. I really liked some of the Finnish names too. That's all for now. xPoppy

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