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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    @Nowakasia, you have every reason to feel optimistic, and I hope we hear good news from you very soon! Awesome that you are also a writer. I guess it shouldn't surprise me to find so many writers on a forum; we writers are drawn to written communication.

    Thank you, @Grecianern! I hope you are feeling well.

    @Whitegold, YES. I have an unreasonable fear--and it truly is entirely unreasonable--that someone else is going to use the name Narnia before I get to. But who in the world would use it--it's not most people's taste--but deep down I believe that it's the most beautiful sound in the world and I can't believe that everyone in the world isn't naming their child that. Lol. I'm not possessive of my boy names like that. I have stronger feelings toward girl names (as do most people on Nameberry, it seems), and though I love lots of boy names, I wouldn't be crushed if, say, my sisters all used my top three favorites. But girl names? That's another story! My three sisters and I have this agreement not to use any name that is on another's list.

    @Butterflykisses, maybe the test just hasn't picked up the hCG yet. I'm holding out hope for you yet. Do you have any other symptoms? Cramps?

    @Milasmama, that sounds so exotic and adventurous! So will you be homeschooling Mila? Is she doted on by all the staff and tourists? What a fascinating life you have! As for your prenatal vitamin question, surprisingly we have not yet brought that up on this thread. I tried some organic ones from a local House of Nutrition, and after taking just ONE, I was queasy for an entire day. My sister-in-law who is in the medical field informed me that organic vitamins aren't coated with stuff to make them easy to digest as are other vitamins. But then I did some reading online and found that LOTS of women complain of queasiness from their prenatal vitamins of all kinds and brands, even non-ogranic, and my mom told me that even she had to take hers at night before bed to sleep through the queasiness. BUT...then I discovered the super cheap Up & Up brand at Target (do you have Target in the Maldives?!), and they are WONDERFUL. I don't have queasiness at all, regardless of what time of day I take them. I Googled them after taking them for several months and found all positive reviews of them, with women all saying the same thing--this brand is super easy on the stomach, unlike others they all had tried. So that's the brand I promote. Target's generic store brand called Up & Up. And they're so cheap! If I remember correctly, they are less than half the cost of the name brands.

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    @alzora, no not really. That is something that was weird as well, I had zero period symptoms. But with that said I also have zero pregnancy symptoms. My breasts are not sore, or anything. Every month like clockwork I get tender breasts and get premenstrual cramps a week before my period I also get very grumpy and tired, but none of that happened this month, like at all.... except for the nausea which could very well be some weird bug, nothing about this month was normal. Oh well, I guess mother nature wanted to throw me a curve ball.

    how are you doing btw? anything different with you this month? I know you are in your tww, when do you test?
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    @nowakasia Thanks for the welcome! Even if it's just a bit here and there, you should definitely try to write again! It's so relaxing, and when I was doing other jobs I found that it improved my creativity there too. Good luck!

    Hi, @milasmommy! I am very excited to be able to start TTC again! I'm not sure where you are, but I take the Target brand of prenatals. My doc says the main concern when picking a PNV is to make sure they have at least 800 mcg of folic acid.

    @alzora- Your small town paper sounds wonderful! I would love to work at something small like that. I worked for a larger paper for a bit, and it was horrible. I basically did grunt work for the big columnists who didn't want to do the research for themselves. I never even saw my name on an article. It was horrible depressing, and I realized I just don't have the want-to to make it in big journalism. I care way more about children having good literature available to them that I do about the news. It's funny you mentioned Narnia. Among other books, I read my Narnia books until they fell apart when I was a kid! If I can write something half as good as Narnia, I'll be happy.

    I'll have to look soft cups up. I've actually read Taking Charge of Your Fertility- twice. Ha! I also chart my basal body temperature and use Fertility Friend. Do you use any kind of method, or are you just going for it and hoping for the best?

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    @Butterflykisses, I am still holding out hope for you this month! Not all pregnant women get sore breasts and all of that, especially not so soon. I'm eager to see where this goes.

    Thank you for asking how I'm doing. Yes, I'm in the two-week wait, about 5 DPO. Implantation would not have happened yet, and I would not be feeling anything yet either way. I'm not holding out too much hope for this month, because I feel like a lot of factors are working against me at the moment--my cold (which is better, but not gone), my husband's low testosterone (I decided that testosterone shots are not the direction I want us to go, and my husband was more than happy with that decision), and then lots of little details have me second-guessing all of our attempts to date. I read somewhere that a man should be ejaculating every four days or so to keep his body producing a normal amount of sperm. We have never done it that often--again, that goes back to my vaginismus. And I also read that you should ABSTAIN from sex for about three or four days leading up to your fertile window so that his sperm builds up, but we've always had sex for several days in advance of ovulation--often a day or two before my fertile days really start because I jump the gun. And then there's the question we've talked about before of whether we should have sex every day or every other day during the fertile window. We've been doing it every day, but if his sperm is low, that may have been counterproductive. AND--this one is kind of personal--I worry about whether we penetrate deep enough. Sometimes I know without a doubt that he is penetrating completely, but other times I think vaginismus still makes it tight and we are only getting a shallow penetration. But the thing is, the semen DOES go in. I know it does, because I lie in bed afterward and there's no mess until I stand up. But I question whether enough of it is getting far enough in...I really don't know the distances in there, or the force with which it is deposited.

    So in short, I'm not too hopeful for this month, and I feel like we won't have much luck until I get on his insurance and we really get some medical professionals behind us; they really do obsess over that One Year mark for TTC, so after September doctors will take our case more seriously.

    @Cambria, a large paper has never interested me for exactly the reasons you mention. I'm not into high-stress, fast-paced jobs. I grew up in a Mayberry town and true reporting, with all of its competition and deadlines, is not for me. I'm more into dropping by an old person's house with a recorder and letting him jabber away about local history for a human interest piece that has no deadline but just runs when I'm good and ready to send it in.

    I do not chart my BBT, but I do use Wondfo ovulation tests. I also am very observant of my body, so I keep a close eye on cervical mucus and I know that when my skin looks clearest and my eyebrows and leg hair grows fastest, I am fertile. Since you're new here, I'll add my background: this is my tenth cycle for TTC. We just found out that my husband has low testosterone, and the doctor wanted him to do testosterone shots but I read too much online about that and am not up for the idea. He has not had a semen analysis but we will pursue it in September at our one-year mark. I was in a very bad accident in 2010 and may very well have scar tissue blocking my Fallopian tubes but am unable to pursue a test to find out until I get on my husband's insurance in September. That's it in a nutshell.

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    @butterflykisses glad I'm not the only one who feels so attached to a name that I must use it first! Yay late period! Crossing my fingers that this is your month!

    @alzora I also feel more attached to my favorite girls name than my boys name! I must be the first in my family and friends to use Eleanor!! Or I will cry! I don't feel like Milo would be an issue because it doesn't seem like my friends or families' taste! Narnia is gorgeous! Never would have contemplated using it as a name! I also love the way it looks! I hope we are all the first to use our fave names!!

    Update on my situation: still no AF. Started getting yellow-y cm. and my nipples hurt. Perhaps she will make an appearance later this week!
    Shannon, recently married my BFF and TTC our first <3

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