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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    I was told it takes about 3 months for new sperm to mature before ummm....ejaculation (that felt inappropriate Lol) Is this true?
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    My husband was told by his doctor that he could use either some kind of topical gel or these monthly injections to boost his testosterone. He chose the injections because the doctor said that if any of the gel got on me it could affect me, and the doctor talked about its potency like it is practically radioactive, and there is also the chance of it getting wiped off or rinsed off before being fully absorbed, so the injections sounded easier. Would these injections be anabolic steroids? Here's some of the stuff I was reading online about testosterone supplements/anabolic steroids and their effect on fertility...and I admittedly have no idea how credible this is:

    "Whether fertility is affected by testosterone replacement depends on many factors. As a general rule, male infertility is only very seldom caused by low testosterone and boosting testosterone artificially usually reduces fertility. In fact, relatively high levels of testosterone act as a fairly effective form of birth control.... In certain cases, however, judicious manipulation of testosterone can improve sperm counts, motility, and morphology. This is best done, in my opinion, by using medications that indirectly boost the body’s production of testosterone rather than using testosterone replacement itself."

    (link one to an article by a urologist, link two to an Asbury Park Press article, link three to a New York Times article)

    I think I will call his doctor on Tuesday and request a semen analysis. The doctor has not wanted to do that test yet since he expects a low sperm count based on my husband's testosterone levels, but I think it would be beneficial to know just how low it is. And I want to talk to him about these testosterone shots to make sure he isn't unintentionally hampering our efforts to conceive.

    I'm just really confused at the moment. All we know is that his testosterone level is low ("low average"), and we are thus assuming that his sperm count is low. But all of these articles--that may or may not be credible--are suggesting that testosterone supplements are not the answer, and I don't know what that leaves us with if that is truly the case.

    @Whit, thank you for cheering me up. You're right, it only takes one sperm to get pregnant, so I guess our chance is still there each month--provided he is actually producing sperm, which I would like to have confirmed by a semen analysis.

    @Butterflykisses, it kind of sucks that our chances are lower than for the average person, doesn't it? But I guess we hang onto hope and keep trying. I too have heard that it takes sperm three months to mature, but then I've also heard that they are produced daily, so...huh?

    @Sarah, that is such a HORRIBLE, AWFUL feeling. I'm so sorry for your disappointment! I've had two months like that so far, though neither was as long as yours was. Both times were still devastating. Ugh...on to the next cycle. Right now that probably sounds like forever, but it really does go by quickly when you think about it. In two weeks you will be ovulating again.

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    Testosterone levels above normal suppress fertility, below normal men have hypogonadism with sub-par fertility. The links you offered say exactly that-- testosterone ABUSE suppresses fertility, but supplementation to achieve normal levels has great effect. Taking Tshots is standard therapy for hypogonadism-- it doesn't render patients paradoxically infertile, don't worry!

    If your husbands T level is low-normal he might have a perfectly normal sperm count, normal motility, normal morphology, etc. Or those parameters too might be low-normal.

    And re: sperm: they are made daily, tens of millions of them very single day (though if a man ejaculates very infrequently production is suppressed). It takes between 70 and 85 days for particular sperm to go all the way through the system-- from the seminiferous tubules in the testis to being front of the line, mature sperm ready to get out and see the world. Hence if you do something to kill them off-- like sit in a 150 degree hot tub for two hours-- you're infertile for approximately three months. And if you're on therapy to boost production, you won't see the final effects for approximately three months.
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    @Blade, that is so interesting about the maturation of sperm. I knew they were made daily, which I assumed meant they were made from start to finish daily. I had never heard about the 3 month maturation phase. Learn something new every day here on nameberry ;-)
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    Hi Ladies,
    I just wanted to introduce myself - I've been following this thread silently (stalkerish i know) as my partner and I hadn't begun TTC - but this month will be our first official trying month. I'm 28 and from Melbourne in Australia and am a lover of names and already have a long LONG list compiled. I'm hopeful that it won't take too long to conceive but at the same time, after years on BC I am sceptical that it will happen right away. Hope to get to know you all and wishing everyone goodluck
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