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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Oh sarahmezz, that is frustrating! I've always gone by testing at 14 DPO because that's what my doc told me to do. The LH surge is usually 48 hours before ovulation according to my tests. So maybe you ovulated on the 12th? 14 DPO would be the 26th. My only suggestion would be wait till then and test again. Or call your doctor and see about a blood test. Good luck! I hope this is your month!!
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    sarah: i understand your frustration, girl! we are in the same boat. no period yet for me either. had the negative hpt yesterday, decided not to test today and save the test for tomorrow but i feel like i already know its going to be a gigantic, glaring BFN. i need to pick up some cheaper hpt's if this is how things are going to be haha! i'd just like to know one way or the other so i can have some champagne at this fancy gala thing i'm going to tomorrow night, dust myself off and get ready for the next cycle. but i'm still holding out hope for you, sarah!
    sending positive thoughts out there to everyone

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    @whit - Thanks for your comments! You've given me a bit of extra hope, especially since (I think) the average DPO for a BFP is 14. So, I will wait and test, test, test again! If AF hasn't shown up by mid next week, I'll make a doctors appointment, regardless of what pregnancy tests are saying. But if my period randomly turns up in the next few days, I'll be bummed...and pretty pissed off at mother nature for screwing with me like this!

    @loveday - It's nice to be in the same boat as someone, even if it's a very frustrating boat! Fingers crossed for both of us; how fabulous if we both got our BFPs this month!
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    @Whit - no more tests. They seemed satisfied with the ratio of the number jump. So I am clear until the ultrasound on the 14th. I'm going to believe that everything will be fine until then.

    @Alzora - Symptoms that are the biggest problem right now - so tired that I can fall into a coma at 7pm. Constant potty breaks, acne outbreaks (so rude!) and tender breasts. Upset tummy on occasion. Nothing too horrible. the nausea isn't consistent.

    We're moving this weekend. So I'm stressed and tired. And I'm watching my diabetes. My sugars seem to be higher than normal, so I am trying to eat for that too.
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    @Sarah and loveday, I'm eagerly awaiting your good news! I'm so hopeful for both of you!

    @Grecianern, I'm sorry to hear that the symptoms are hitting so hard. But if the nausea isn't too bad, that's a huge plus! Nausea is the one symptom that I will really have a tough time dealing with if I get pregnant. Best of luck to you!

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