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Thread: Ttc 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by grecianern View Post

    I finally got my test results back this morning, and my hCG numbers have jumped to 435!!!
    This nurse, Megan, was so much more reassuring! She said that the numbers are relative, and so long as they are increasing, then everything is great! She actually said Great.

    So, I am relieved to finally be able to enjoy this news for a while. Our first ultrasound in scheduled for June 14th. And I am praying that we have an amazing outcome then. It's my husband's birthday on the 17th, and I just want it to be so happy!!!

    Thank you so much for your support!
    Yay! That's great! Looks like everything is moving right along!
    Expecting boy #2 this summer

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    @seirinreign, the book we are all referring to is called Taking Charge of Your Fertility by...somebody. Toni Weschler I guess, according to a quick Google search. I have not read it yet, but everyone who has speaks very highly of it and highly recommends it. Welcome to our thread, by the way!

    @Butterflykisses, do you do all of the tracking and stuff that the book talks about? After a year and a half of trying, it's high time you got your positive! I truly hope this is your month. How do you deal with that kind of disappointment month after month for so long? It nearly kills me every time my period comes, and I've only been trying for half the time that you have.

    @Gercianern, I'm glad you received such great news! How are you feeling so far?

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    @alzora when I was around the 8 month timeframe of TTC I was at my worst. I was a wreck every month and I took it out on my husband a lot. If he didn`t get as upset as me I would get even more emotional about it. I, by my nature am a very anxious and worried. It wasnt until about a year that I started calming down. I pray and pray every month for peace in my heart.Especially around my tww!!! thats the hardest time for sure. And I have to remind myself that I trust God`s will for me, and for some reason he feels now is not the time. Its still very difficult. And I give myself one day cry about it and move on, put my trust in God and let him do the works in my heart. But its important to have a good support system, friends or family. My husband is an amazing supportive and peaceful man, he balances me out a bit hehe. ttc has been easier for me beacause ultimately in the end do trust His will.
    Also when I found out that my husband has slightly lower than average sperm count I knew my chances were lower of getting pregnant in the average time it can take a "normal" couple. Still, it`s not easy by any means but just knowing that took some pressure off to concieve right away. Also, I had to take that kind of pressure off my husband as well. But my patience gets tested every month and I fight the jealous thoughts regulary (esp with my sister who`s belly is just too adorable for words, she is 6 months along) ugggg :?
    We have some hope since it has been 3 1/2 months now since alchohal has been cut completly from his diet and we have been limiting our caffeine intake as well. It takes three months for old sperm to cycle through so we are hoping his sperm count has jumped! (alcohal can have bad effects on sperm, esp for a guy with lower sperm count) we get him restested soon! like probaly in like 2 weeks.

    Good luck over these next few days! remember that the days leading up to your ovualtion are important as well! Spermies can live for a few days, and hopefully one will find its way to the egg!!!!! Baby dust to you Lil Lady!!!!
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    @alzora thank you!

    To everyone else-
    I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for strength, patience and special blessed bundle of joy!

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    Guys, I'm frustrated. My period is now two days late. I tested this morning (it's already the 24th in Australia), but it's negative. I'm approximately 13 DPO. This month, I used OPKs to track ovulation and my LH surge occurred on the 10th (so I'm guessing ovulation occurred on the 11th). My period was due on the 22nd and is rarely late (if it's ever late, it's only by a day, never two). In terms of symptoms, I only have some very mild intermittent cramping (which I sometimes get before my period, but sometimes don't), but it's so mild it's almost not worth mentioning. So, what's up? What do you think of my chances this month? I just wish I knew for sure either way because it's driving me crazy!
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